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All About Android delivers everything you want to know about Android each week--the biggest news, freshest hardware, best apps and geekiest how-to's -- with Android enthusiasts Jason Howell, Gina Trapani, Ron Richards, and a variety of special guests along the way. Viewers have a voice by sending emails to or calling 347-SHOW-AAA. Records live every Tuesday at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET on

Prior to episode 85 in November 2012, Eileen Rivera hosted along with Jason and Ron. Eileen left to pursue her new job with Google. Starting in 2013, Gina Trapani took her place as co-host. Gina stepped down in 2015. Florence Ion joined the show in September 2015.



App Reviews

The show has reviewed a lot of apps since its launch. To get an overview and find out in which episode a specific app was covered, there exists a list of covered apps. Want to know which host/guest has the best record winning the Android Arena?. Well check here


Recent Episodes

Below are recent episodes you can download or watch.

  • All About Android 182Yet Another Messaging PlatformWhat a Samsung slump might mean for Android, the leaky ship that is the next batch of Nexus devices, HTC's plans for wearables, yet another messaging platform for Google, the Big Android BBQ, and more!
  • All About Android 181The Dubstep of SmartwatchesThe larger than ever before Nexus 6, even more new rules for developers, bend tests for all, Android Auto gets more details, and more!
  • All About Android 180Trolled By a Listicle Developers required to list their address to the public, encryption on by default, Amazon's new Kindle lineup, running any Android app in the Chrome browser, and more!
  • All About Android 179Everything is Connected Android One, Android Silver, Android Apps on Chrome, Nexus TV, impressions of the Moto 360, and Google Voice's merging into Hangouts, and more!
  • All About Android 178Are Smartwatches Legit?A ton of hardware from IFA 2014, a look at the Apple Watch, Motorola's big announcement, Amazon Instant Video for everyone, and more!

More episodes can be viewed and downloaded here

Show notes

Below are detailed show notes for released episodes. These are updated as soon as possible as time allows and/or as much community effort is put into them.

Additional show notes for All About Android can be found here.


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