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All About Android
Episode 1

All About Android 1: What Would Andy Say




Android Arena!

Voicemail (347-show-aaa)

Joshua Caleb: Question about screen sizes.


As a TWiT podcast consumer for several years now, I was surprised to find the AAA show suddenly appear on the TWiT ""replay"". How did I miss all those beta's? Congrats on the move up to a full fledged TWiT production!

I just bought the Android ATRIX 4G phone a few weeks ago. So as a newbie to smart phones and ANDROID I'm trying to drink in as much ANDROID information, how to's, and app recommendations as I can. So, I certainly will be watching AAA from now on, and I do mean watch! Listing to AAA is not the best way to get the most out of the show, I have found.

So, my question is what's the best way to subscribe to your podcast (or any video podcast) for playback on an Android phone? I would like full control over how much content is downloaded and in particular only video downloads via WiFi to avoid consuming AT&T cellphone data bandwidth. I also notice that apps like Doubletwist don't have some of the TWiT podcasts, like TNT and maybe AAA as well. I'm avoiding putting iTunes on my PC (had some negative experiences with it in the past and found I could do with out it if need be). Any advice on techniques and apps to download or stream video podcasts is appreciated.

Good Luck! PeteC - Pete Costello

Thunderbolt mini-review

I love android, started with the Motorola Droid, then moved on to Droid X, and now currently using the HTC thunderbolt and I just wanted to let you guys know what I think about it... It's a great phone, hands down probably fastest out of all three that I owned in terms of browser and overall speed, the UI is snappy and ""sexy"" and I probably prefer it over the motoblur, and LTE service is ridiculously fast (15 mbps near Verizon store I bought it)... when I have service. it would seem that I would just drop LTE service a lot even when I'm just standing in the same exact spot (eventhough according to Verizon, I'm supposed to be getting great LTE service in my area). Also the battery life leaves something to be desired, as I would probably lose charge within 5-6 hours of intermittent heavy use. I bought an extra (regular) battery in anticipation of his but its such a pain to have to replace the battery mid day since The boot time seems a little longer than my older Android phones(2 min and 15 seconds from start of boot to usable). Despite all that I still think its a give improvement over the Droid X. Look forward for your next shows and if I an make a request, step by step tutorials on how to root devices and puttig Android on the nook... Thanks again.

Benjo Walnut, CA


Vote for your favorite android market here: <Poll link no longer relevant.>

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