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All About Android
Episode 103

All About Android 103: Offline Everything



B jumped from 16.5% to 25% in one month! ICS 29.3% GB 39.8% Google changed *how* it accounts for usage to account for actual Google Play visitors, not just Google server pings!
Facebook announced an unveiling taking place April 4th, with the tagline "Come See Our New Home on Android." Rumors point to an HTC branded mid-range Facebook-integrated phone.
Then Android Police scored a leak of the system dump of the alleged upcoming Facebook phone. It was tied to Facebook developer accounts so full functionality couldn't be gleaned. But these specs were pulled from the build.prop file:
Manufacturer: HTC
Model: MYSTUL (Myst_UL)
Carrier: AT&T
Platform: MSM8960 (Dual Core)
Ram: 1GB
Display: 4.3 inch @ 720p resolution
Android Version: 4.1.2
Sense Version: 4.5
Rear Camera = 5M ,Front Camera = 1.6M
No SD Card
Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi a/b/g/n

Also interesting is the discovery of the reading of settings from not only the HTC launcher, but also stock Android and Touchwiz Launcher hinting at the possibility of Facebook Home being installable on other devices, possibly as a standalone app. According to this rom, the Facebook Phone looks to be a mostly stock, mid-range Sense 4.5 phone that was attacked by a mutant Facebook app.

It includes an iPhone-like “home button” on the bottom center, and this button is surrounded by horizontal function keys on the right and left side. These buttons are said to be capacitive. Above the keys is a display slightly larger in size to the 4-inch display found on the iPhone 5.
Google made a a pledge on their Open Source Blog called the Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge. "we pledge not to sue any user, distributor or developer of open-source software on specified patents, unless first attacked." Only applies to those also making open source software, no mention about how it applies to close source competitors. Google has identified 10 patents to begin with that will fall under this pledge, and promise to expand to other places throughout the company and the "entities controlled by Google.

Voice Mail


Ted - A thought about wearable computing



Google sent thousands of invites to #ifihadglass winners and earlier today the official Project Glass Google+ page announced the Explorer Program has ended. For #ifihadglass winners who received an invitation to get their hands on Glass, they’ll have to shell out $1,500 and travel to New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles to pick up in person.
according to a new report from The Financial Times. Citing a source close to the project, FT said Google has partnered with Foxconn to assemble the headsets on home soil in Santa Clara, Calif. Google will apparently source most components from Asia with final assembly completed in the U.S.: The report claimed a “few thousand” Google Glass units will be produced by the California factory “in the coming weeks.” Google’s reasoning for bringing the manufacturing stateside? According to FT, it will allow Google to have better control over the complex and small-scale operation while becoming a “high-profile example” of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. The report also said it will allow Google’s engineers to “be closely involved with the production process and provide more opportunities for last-minute fixes and for personal customization.”
AT&T Pre-orders begin April 4 Release: April 19th (32GB $199.99 2 yr contract, exclusive 64GB $299.99) Sprint April 19th ( 32GB $199.99 2 yr contract)
Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S4 passes through FCC on its way to release. T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular have yet to do so. AT&T pre-orders begin April 16.



Hi guys,

I just want to react to the thing someone of you said about Google Keep - that it will at least have 3-4 years of life. That's OK, but what about all the data we put in it after those 3-4 years when they decide to kill it? I still feel burnt from their killing of Google Notebook. I had many notes there and most of them in cyrillic characters. When they killed the service, they offered an export, but that export did not support Cyrillic, so most of my notes where unreadable garbage in the output file. I had to copy and paste my notes one by one in Evernote. Now... I am not sure I want to trust Google again with my notes.

Regards, Kiril



Android Tablet movie watchers (4.0+) using Google Play Movies can hit pause on a movie to receive info cards on actors/music/etc showing on the screen at that point. It's using facial recognition and Sound Search to figure these things out in real time, NOT using metadata, and taps into the Google Knowledge Graph.
50 languages for offline support. Sync it when online, then it's available going forward. Less comprehensive than the online equivalents.



The discussion of battery charging missed some key factors. Although people often hear 'lithium battery' and assume the lithium ion we've become accustomed to, some devices now have lithium polymer batteries which are more sensitive to 'overcharging' risk - although even that concept isn't so accurate. Even the difference of a fixed, built-in battery vs a removable one matters. One reason our modern devices can readily use these lithium battery technologies is that they have a smart charging circuit, which can detect and manage thermal conditions associated with charging. Most modern devices get the worst battery abuse from incorrect information based largely on old behaviors for old battery technologies. The new, smart charged lithium battery equipped devices will tell you when its time to plug in, and even when its best to unplug from the charger. Trust them, they really have a lot of engineering behind them.

Always enjoy the great shows on TWiT.


Android Arena!



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