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All About Android
Episode 113

All About Android 113: Culture of Unified Design



Waze, the social-mapping service , was bought by Google for $1.1B. This after news had hit on different occasions of both Facebook and Apple possibly vying for the acquisition. Waze crowd sources its location data which usually means up tot he minute information on obstacles that might slow the user down, among other uses. Seems strategic on Google's part to snap up such a hot commodity to keep it from competitors. Can Google Maps be improved significantly from this? Will they runs seperately or join at some time?
Here’s what Google said in March (6 month lead time): "CalDAV API will become available for whitelisted developers, and will be shut down for other developers on September 16, 2013. Most developers’ use cases are handled well by Google Calendar API, which we recommend using instead." Now Google is reversing its decision to make the API a partner-only offering simply because almost all its usage was driven by a few large developers. The company says in the last three months it has received “many requests” for access to CalDAV and was given many developers’ use cases, so it changed its mind. Furthermore, both the CalDAV and CardDAV APIs are getting the following features: Integration with the Google APIs Console. To start using CalDAV or CardDAV in your project, just enable it in the Console. OAuth 2.0 authentication.



Expected to be unveiled at Samsung's Premier event June 20 in London, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, possibly the next phase of the Galaxy Camera from last year. Rumored specs: 1.6GHz dual-core processor 4.3″ qHD display 16MP camera (the massive bulge on its backside) 8GB internal storage microSD slot for expandable storage a dedicated shutter button Android 4.2.2 with Samsung’s TouchWiz.
Android Central's sources confirm through that the Japanese manufacturer is indeed preparing a "Google Edition" of its flagship Xperia Z handset. Sony fans rejoice, if sources are to be believed! Sony Xperia Z, the waterproof flagship device in Sony's Android fleet, is soon to be released in a Google Edition, coming soon to the Play Store. No price or availability mentioned.
Feel like you need iOS apps on Android? BlueStacks heard your call, and is bringing it to their soon to release set top gaming box as a competitor to the likes of Ouya. GamePop offered for free through end of June (console and controller), with $6.99 per month subscription. After that, console will sell for $129. Subscription gives unlimited access to 500+ Android titles at launch, as well as any iOS games that enter the library. How? iOS developers change the in-app payments to use Google or Amazon. BlueStacks then handles the conversion through their API-level virtualization technology they call "Looking Glass." BlueStack already has experience bringing Android apps to Mac and PC in a similar fashion. No launch date as of yet.



Currently broken out as individual apps: • Gmail • Google Calendar • Chrome (which replaced the original OS-integrated Android Browser) • Hangouts (which replaced the original OS-integrated Google Talk) • YouTube • Google Search • Voice Search • Sound Search • Google Maps • Google Earth • Google+ • Google Play Music, Books, Movies, and Magazines • Google Currents • Google Wallet • Google Keyboard Not yet: Camera Gallery People Lock screen
Portify is a little tool (written using NodeJS, AngularJS and app.js) that transfers your Spotify Playlists to the new Google Music: All Access service. NOTE: Disclaimer By using Portify you may violate both Spotify’s and Google’s Terms of Service. You agree that you are using Portify on your own risk. The author does not accept liability (as far as permitted by law) for any loss arising from any use of this tool. If you choose not to agree to these terms, then you may not use this tool.



I enjoying watching your show and almost every show I find some new useful app to use. I'm a developer myself and I would like to introduce you my app - it called NiLS and it's a lock screen widget for android 4.2 that displays notifications. It has many great and unique features that other similar apps don't have and it's free.

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