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All About Android
Episode 117

All About Android 117: Remnant Carbon Fiber Inventory



Hey AAA, I was watching last week, and a guy emailed you looking for a Google listen replacement. As I thought, you would suggest pocket casts, even better news for this guy, pocket casts will now import your Google reader files!

George Byers


JB 37.9% GB 34.1% ICS 23.3%
Bluebox labs discovered a vulnerability affecting all un-pached devices running 1.6 and above. If you never checked off the Unknown Sources box, then you are free and clear. If you have, and you've downloaded an affected APK, it could theoretically give bad guys a backdoor into your device and being completely undetected thanks to an inherited cryptographic key tied to the app. EXPLAIN SYSTEM APP THING Bluebox handed this info to the Open Handset Alliance back in Feb. Only the Samsung Galaxy S IV with Touchwiz has this patched currently. CyanogenMod nighties are now patched as well. Google released the code to address the issue to OEMs. Now it's in their hands to correct it. Google also addressed the issue server side, in Google Play. Standard warnings apply: Stick to Google Play. Don't check Unknown Sources. Don't download from shady places. Should this kind of thing be bad for companies like Amazon?

Android Tips

  • Speed Up Slow Google Searches in Android with This Tweak
  • Jason's tip: Open Google now, open setting, click on phone search, disable all the things you don't want Google to search through.
  • Another tip is to deactivate the option to detect the Google Now hot word in voice setting will speed up search.



Moto X - the saga First, the official stuff: Motorola posted a sign-up page for more info about the device(s). Now, ALL of the rumory stuff: Purported cases in a ton of colors (front and back) are appearing. Clear Pixel camera technology which Kodak created and called "panchromatic pixel" technology, likely integrated into the Moto X thanks to a bunch of Kodak patents that Google bought last year. This would enhance low light photos while still keeping pixel count high. It's done by utilizing not only standard pixels but clear pixels as well that take in all wavelengths of visible light. Three times more light. Gesture control to activate the camera (flick to record/snap) Pure Android experience with speedy updates direct from Google "Always on System" with proprietary dedicated natural language processor (audio sensors, noise estimators/cancellation, speech recognition) $300-ish price unlocked *MAYBE* official word this Thursday, July 11
Moto is bringing three separate devices to the table: the DROID MAXX (XT1080M), DROID Mini (XT1030), and the phone pictured above, the DROID Ultra (recently seen in white, also coming in red, as XT1080, XT1080W, and XT1080R, respectively). As has been noted since the first appearance of the MAXX, Ultra (a slimmer doppelganger) takes the unusual step of eschewing all branding to the back of the phone, with only a tasteful set of batwings where once the word MOTOROLA would have been most evident. the camera is said to be a so-called 10-megapixel RGBC model, which will apparently contain an extra sensor (the “C”) that helps establish white balance and exposure.



In reference to your discussion about Google+, I think perhaps you are mistaken that the majority of activity is connected only to Google related topics. The issue here is that Google+ seems geared towards single topic communities.

There are HUGE communities centered around other subjects like Photography, Roleplaying games, Writing, and more. But I have seen very little crossover between those groups.

My best guess is that Google+ not allowing users to divide up subject matter from individuals, seems to force users to organize people to one group or another. Which in turn leads to posts unrelated to that subject getting lost in the stream.

And that is why people such as yourselves that are so connected to Android and Google in general largely only see responses on Google related posts.

I'm willing to bet that Ron probably gets plenty or responses on his comic related posts along with his Android related ones because he's promoted himself very much for both groups.

Jason M.



Updates will now launch through the website, starting with v2.0.4. Also in the post was a hint about an "experiment" that would allow users who haven't acquired a valid token to still use the app with all of their accounts. A short time later, instructions to unlock the new feature were posted by Fernando González. As one might expect, the workaround allows users to create their own API key with Twitter and insert it into Falcon Pro.
Why they're "beautiful": "Transitions are fast and clear, layout and typography are crisp and meaningful, and design touches that delight you in surprising ways are sprinkled throughout." Pattrn, Pocket, Timer, Eye in Sky Weather, NY Times, Grand St., Pinterest, Press, Expedia, Flipboard and TED



Email that addresses voicemail question. Just wanted to let you know a little secret that I think would be awesome for you guys to share to the wider community either on your next podcast or on the site. I downloaded the new stock Google camera apk from the Droid Life site ( and installed in on my Maxx HD. Sweet jesus is this camera 1000% better than the moto camera app. I've taken multiple side by side comparison shots, and the new google camera apk is much, much, much better. In well lit situations, the colors are more accurate and the pics are slightly less grainy IMO. In dark situations, it's a no contest. Far less grain (still a little grainy, but much better), more well lit without being over exposed, better detail. It actually looks like a real picture instead of just blurry grainy nothingness. In dark situations I've stopped taking pics with the moto camera because I knew they wouldn't come out at all. Now with this new camera I'm able to start again *party* :D Also, the light sensor seems to work much better now. The exposure of the shot is determined by what I choose to focus on. The moto camera gets really confused and can't settle on how to take the shot. The google camera reads the situation, and adjust accordingly. It's still not perfect, but a massive improvement for me. This new camera app is amazing. I'm not too crazy about the on screen menu to be honest, I do like the moto version of the menu settings better, but other than that the Google camera is hands down superior. I feel like my phone just got an upgrade, seriously. And if you disable the stock moto cam, then the google cam becomes default and changes on the lock screen! I'm sure all the Razr HD and Razr Maxx HD (hell, probably anyone with a moto phone haha) would love to see this tip. I've included a couple side by side pics to illustrate the difference: Pic 1 - Moto Cam: Pic 1 - Google Cam: Put those two pics in different tabs and click back and forth. Check out the detail on the wall and windows on the left, and the building in the distance on the right. And the different levels of grain. Pic 2 - Moto Cam: Pic 2 - Google Cam: The color accuracy on the google cam is exceptional. The way the desktop looks in the google cam pic is 100% accurate. In the moto cam pic, the camera is confused and doesn't know where to focus, what exposure to use, and look at all that grain on the wall. Horrible. Please let people with shit cameras know to download the google stock camera app. Thanks for reading all this. Love the site and show!

Kyle C.

Android Arena!



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