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All About Android
Episode 118

All About Android 118: The New Car Smell of Phones



Redesigned look to match Play Store on mobile My Apps list now combines all apps you've ever installed on ALL devices into one giant list. No more Uninstall option. No more isolating apps to particular devices. Pretty slow to populate too Wishlists finally appear! App Listings are different too. Permissions only appear when you click to install. No more 30 day install graph. Review functionality is missing. No more selecting only reviews for a particular device, star rating, latest version, etc. Search functionality is limited: No more endless search results, stops at 48. Also, no more filtering down to relevance or popularity.
Glass is appearing as an install destination from Google Play too.
T-Mobile AT&T and likely Verizon are all launching new upgrade plans for folks who want to upgrade devices faster than every two years. In all cases, you would have to pay an additional monthly fee to take part, and trade in your device when you trade up for another one, as well as T-Mobile JUMP T-Mo doesn't include subsidy pricing in monthly plan $$. Upgrade phones twice a year with device trade in, $10 mo fee includes insurance T-Mobile doesn't charge you subsidy price in service along with the plan pricing. Now, AT&T and presumably Verizon both do (essentially paying twice for your hardware for the privilege) AT&T Next Pay monthly fee to be able to upgrade your phone every year with no down payment. New device with no down payment, upgrade or activation fees. Nilay Patel at the Verge made the case perfectly regarding AT&T Next: $20 subsidy for the S4 per month (built into your service cost) equals $240 yr, plus $384 payments for the phone for the year = $620 (the full retail cost of the S4)… but you don't get to keep the phone. You give it back to get a new one. AT&T gets a free refurbished phone = pure profit. Pay to keep your Next phone? $1040 assuming $640 in Next payments and $400 in subsidies attached to your plan. AT&T keeps a smooth $420. Verizon Edge asks you to pay a monthly fee for the device plus finance charge, PLUS the monthly fees might stay the same = not good.
6 month upgrade with JUMP!: $659.97/year 6 month upgrade without JUMP!: $1259.97/year - $580 from selling two devices = $679.97 12 month upgrade with JUMP!: $559.98/year 12 month upgrade without JUMP!: $679.98/year - $290 from selling one device = $389.98 There are only two reasons to take advantage of T-Mobile’s new JUMP! upgrade plan: You like the security of having an insurance plan for your device. You always buy the best phone, you never sell your old phone, and you plan to upgrade your phone every 6-12 months.
Assuming that same $20 subsidy, after 12 months of Next you will have paid AT&T $384 in Next monthly installments and $240 in device subsidies, for a grand total of $620. Again, that's exactly the full retail cost of an unlocked Galaxy S4 — but you don't get to keep that phone, even though you just paid full price for it. You have to trade it in to get a new phone — effectively giving AT&T a free GS4 to refurbish and resell to its next unwitting customer.
VZ Edge, August 25th, upgrade after 50% of current device paid for, , no service contract
WSJ reports that Google has entered into discussions with media companies to devise an internet TV streaming service providing cable TV-style programming. It's rumored to offer a TV experience similar to cable but through the Internet, allowing customers to do things like flip through channels. Intel Corp. and Sony Corp are both working on similar services, and Apple is constantly in the news rumored to be working on this as well.



Thanks for an informative and really entertaining show. I just finished this week's episode which was a perfect example, great guest, lots of data, and lots of laughs.

One of the discussions caught my attention. I thought the following could be helpful in both speeding things up a bit further and adds to a phones customizability:

1. On many of the third party launchers that mimic stock such as Apex, Nova, and Holo you can assign a gesture(swipe up etc) or a button long press(eg., home) to trigger Google Search(Now) either written or voice. I have it set that long press home key triggers search. For those who want to limit search to a browser you can assign it to trigger your browser of choice. It only saves a second or two, but as a heavy user of search on my android devices it definitely makes a difference.

2 . I love the gesture assignment for search and other apps because I like a clean look to my home screen, so I don't like the fixed search bar. Although I have root access, you don't need it to remove the bar. The same launchers allow you to choose when to have the bar fixed to your home screen : Never, Always and Landscape Only.

It's features like this that make me love the android OS. Keep up the great work in covering it.

Jacqueline Nehama



First, Eric Schmidt donned a Moto X at the Allen & Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Then Rogers Wireless in Canada leaked a promo video with a good amount of insight into the new device: Always listening for voice commands "Hello Google Now" Active Updates replacing LED light with screen info on notifications Tilt hand to launch camera, tap anywhere to snap, hold to burst. Then Motorola tweeted out a pic of a blurry fast moving kid saying "Either this kid is really fast, or today’s phones are really slow." Then Brian Klug of Anandtech posted a bunch of screenshots to Twitter with insight into the specs and sensors, confirming the following:
4.7″ HD (720p) display
1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (MSM8960T)
16GB internal storage with about 12GB usable
No micro SD slot
Android 4.2.2
August is said to be the likely release. Feels like we will hear something official any day now.
Verizon Wireless has just sent us an invite for a press event in New York City on July 23rd. In the invite the carrier says it will "unveil the next generation of one of [its] most popular family of devices." Also, pics leaked of the device family. And finally: The ad teases that the DROID MAXX will have “48 hours of worry-free battery life.” The RAZR MAXX was advertised with 32 hours of talk time, so two full days of usage is pretty impressive.



I recently got a message from the Astrid team when I launched Astrid tasks last week saying that they will be shutting down shop soon. Does this mean the app will still exist but just not supported anymore? If it's going away for good, what are some similar replacement task apps? (queue Ron)


Dan from Minnesota

Task manager replacements! With the backup in hand, you can migrate fairly painlessly to suggested services like Wrike, Wunderlist,Sandglaz, and Wunderlist and are by far the more popular options on Android (Sandglaz is a web app only). Most of the linked services have a landing page that will accept your Astrid data. The migration process with is automated and can be handled through the app itself.



Maps v7 is here for ICS+
Support for WebRTC, a web platform feature to enable real-time voice and video communications Faster page loads Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance
Fullscreen on tablets – Scroll to hide the toolbar * Google Translate – Look for translation bar when reading web pages in other languages * New user interface for right-to-left (RTL) languages, including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew
Audible, the popular audiobook marketplace owned by Amazon, has updated its Android app with a new design, improved navigation, and drastically simplified player controls.
Folders to Facebook Home, also Share News Feed stories in a private message Swipe left and right to open chat and bookmarks Based on feedback, you can now store the app on your phone's SD card (Android 2.3.7 and lower)
Removes the menu button at the bottom, Also allows you to save photos to your device.



Got a quick comment/question about how Google rolls out updates to their apps.

Why can't they push the Maps update already? It's been out since July 11th and I'm still waiting on it. Same thing happened with the new Gmail a few weeks back.

Are they trying to manage their bandwidth? Also, if I sideload the update will it get future updates from the store?

Thanks, loved the show since day one!


  • Gina: My guess/speculation - they do slower rollouts by device or user to watch for major bugs, scale up their servers, etc
  • Jason: Also, side loading should not interfere with future updates through Play.

Android Arena!



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