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All About Android
Episode 119

All About Android 119: (Episode Name)


Hardware Round 1

Droid Ultra ($199), (Red or Black)
Thinnest 4G smartphone @ 7.2mm
1.7GHz dual-core
Kevlar back
5" HD OLED display
16GB memory
2130mAh battery

Droid Maxx ($299)
48 hours talk time
3500mAh battery
Thinner than the RAZR Maxx
Wireless charging
Dual-core processor
Quad-core graphics

Droid Mini ($99), "Compact without compromise"
4.3" 720p display (penile LCD)
  • All have:
New Motorola X8 processor (8 cores - dual core 1.7GHz for applications, 4 GPU cores at 400Mhz, 1 core for contextual awareness, 1 core for language processing)
Active Display shows notifications in leu of notification light
Lose your phone? Just say "OK Google Now - Call My Droid" and it will ring
  • All go on sale August 20th, pre-order at
One mini, a 4.3-inch version of the One - design and software remain unchanged - "two price points below the HTC One" - step down to a 1.4GHz dual-core processor (Snapdragon 400), 1GB of RAM, 16GB of non-expandable storage, and the loss of NFC and optical image stabilization for the camera. The One's IR blaster is also gone - The Verge: "I found no identifiable difference in performance and fluidity between the quad-core One and its new sibling. " - carriers not yet been announced - aims to roll out the One mini around the world starting in August - silver and black available at launch



Great show! My wife recently purchased the Motorola Electrify M (US Cellular's version of the Droid M) running JB 4.1. She works for an in-home healthcare business and is constantly using her navigation as new clients are brought on all over the countryside. She was simply distraught when she discovered one day there was an empty space on her home screen where ""Navigation"" used to be.

After a great deal of searching, an obscure forum revealed that Google's beautiful turn-by-turn dedicated navigation app was cannibalized by the new Google Maps update. The only way to get Navigation back is to uninstall all Google Maps updates and return to the stock app. Is this an isolated incident that only affects this regional carrier's version of Android or are we the only two people in the world who miss this app?!?!

The thing that bothered me most about Navigation being cannibalized by Maps v7 was the fact that the app was remotely removed without ANY significant customer notification, no gmail message, and no easy way to make the connection that a Maps update forced the remote-removal of another app.


Dylan, from Monroe, Wisconsin...but location currently unknown...

Hardware Round 2


According to the image, the 16GB $229, 32GB $269 compared to current 16GB $200 and the 32GB is $249.
Dual speakers, referred to in the specs here as "upper" and "lower" speakers. They're positioned on the rear of the tablet, with one near the USB port.
What we think we know: (thank you Android Police)
2GB of RAM
720x1184 4.7" (about 4.5" without on-screen buttons) display
2.1MP front-facing camera / 10.5MP rear camera with flash
802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
Android 4.2.2
16GB internal memory
2,200 mAh non-removable batter
Assembled in TX
Kevlar backplates
  • Likely X8 Processor (CPU performance will increase by 24 percent while graphics performance will increase by 100 percent.) Ars points out that Motorola's SOC is still slower than Snapdragon 600s and soon 800s. Not SLOW, but not as fast as other higher end devices.
  • Potential pricing:
16GB $299 off contract ($99 subs)
32GB $349 off contract ($149 subs)
in NYC on August 7th, teasing the LG G2 ahead of the event. Dropping the Optimus name. Expected to have Snapdragon 800 quad-core proc, 13MP camera, Android 4.2.2 This will be the first of the new "G" line.



Google's Chromium team is working on a Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android/ Connects to any user's desktop for total control. So far the app can authenticate an account, connect and communicate to establish a p2p channel for control. However, so far, no input of view functionality quite yet. Pre-Alpha but cool!
"Games_pano" will show your invitations, recent games, and have game discoverability lists like "popular multiplayer" and "featured games." Sounds a lot like a standalone Play Games discoverability app. I would imagine it would function similarly to Nvidia's TegraZone - half games store; half platform advertisement.
There are strings for a "Games waiting room," which presumably is an extension of the lobby stuff I found in my original Play Games discovery. This looks just like a matchmaking lobby, you wait around for people to join, there are slots for players, invite buttons, a "ready" button, and auto-matching functionality. There's now a layout file for this, so this is much further along than the Play Games browser.
Why is there Chrome stuff in here? Play Games is getting Chrome support?! It makes perfect sense for Google to bring Play Games support to Chrome, but why is this in an Android APK? Can you really "Sign in with Chrome" and use an Android app? There's no way. This has to be a mistake, or a common set of strings between the Android and an upcoming Chrome version of Play Services. Chrome can't run Android apps...



I am seeking an app or shortcut or method to quickly/easily enable & disable Android's Lockscreen security. I use no security when I am at home but when I am away I set my Samsung Note 2 for medium security - pattern. Every time I leave home I need to go through the same old step by step procedure with the same pattern and the same four digit code... and then go through the same procedure when I return home to enable no security.

Is there a less involved method of setting the security level when I leave and return home? Ideally, the phone would sense when I leave my home environment and automatically enable more advanced security, and return to no security when I am at my abode. I have TecTiles but there is no option for this function.

Thanks for the help. Love your podcast!


Stephen Syputa

Android Arena!



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