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All About Android
Episode 127

All About Android 127: Disoriented by Google Maps


Bump Technologies announced that they had been acquired by Google, effective immediately. Bump uses location, bluetooth and the Bump motion to share information between devices.
More details about Hugo Barra's transition to Xiaomi. Barra told AllThingsD that the company's ambitions lie in becoming a global company and that, with his help, the world will be "talking about Xiaomi in the same way that they talk about Google and Apple today." He said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, not to mention the chance to live in Asia.
Also, JBQ landed at Yahoo! He took to Twitter to reveal the news that he's becoming an Architect and Senior Principal Engineer working with Yahoo's mobile apps. Mayer snapped up some more gold from her former haunt.
A new update to Google Play services enables the newly introduced Android Device Manager to allow users to remotely unlock and password change their devices.

Google Glass News


The MyGlass app now handles Bluetooth sharing within the app, taking the requirement off of the user and their data plan. Before now, a user had to have a plan that allowed for Bluetooth tethering and this update gets around that requirement.
Also, a new patent that was granted to a few folks on the Glass team hint at what may be the consumer version of Glass when it's released to the public next year.
First, a patent showing how Glass could work in a more traditional frame style. Camera and display are separate and battery is likely even distributed throughout the whole body of the frame.
Second, something that looks more like what we see in the current version, but with balanced battery packs on both sides, multiple band sizes for different sized heads, and further capabilities fit the glass and earpiece better including an up/down rotation for the Glass module.



Published to reddit over the weekend, this mockup is clearly based off of the FCC screw-ups and premature sightings thanks to Googlers taking in statue unveilings. It could give a great representation of what we can expect when Google makes the device official next month (likely) or Google could surprise us with something completely different (not likely). Either way, you have to love creativity combined with the internet.
The upgrade is rumored to bring the following:
Android KitKat
New notification widgets
Firmware availability to older phones
Fragmentation changes (screen resizing)
Miracast updates
New Gallery Visualization
New APIs regarding animations
Change android default blue to other preset palette colors
1: A person leaves a device that looks eerily similar to the device shown in the KitKat statue video plugged in at a bar. The bar tender quickly takes pictures and video of the device. "check please!"
2: People all over the internet create 3D renders to give fans the chance to take virtual tours of the as of yet unannounced device
3: More rumors point to an October 14th unveiling.
4: Nexus 4 sold out with no plans to restock, according to a close source to The Verge.
Who cares about specs when you can swap out the individual components yourself! Welcome to Phone Bloks.
The concept involves a motherboard with holes that allow you to mount individual hardware components to create your own unique phone:
Everything is held together by screwing on a holding plate.
Currently looking for investors.



Drive update! Cleaning up the UI with a neat little row of options at the bottom, kind of like what you see in the G+ app, hides when you scroll. Merge and lock cells in spreadsheet… and Ron Amadeo tore into the APK and discovered clues leading to a possible full-offline mode upcoming in the future: Google Doc, PDF, sheets, and presentation files
And finally, some unused code in the Android app are pointing to the possibility of some Keep integration at some point.
Google Wallet has had a requirement of NFC in its mobile apps up until now. A new version of the Android app is being launched today that enables all devices running 2.3+ to use the service. (in the US) Folks who were unable to download and install the app before will finally get the chance to install and use it, though the NFC capabilities for them will still be deactivated. Having said that, those users CAN do the following things: Money transfers, loyalty card management, and coupon redemption.
A new Maps update is out that makes it easier to get to the navigation screen access with a new route and traffic overview card. Also a new tips and tricks section for learning more about how to use the app.
Speaking of learning how to use it, did you know this neat hidden feature?:
Search for a location, look at info bar at the bottom with the route button, and instead of pressing the route button, hold down on it and instantly jump into navigation to that location!



Just got fished watching you show great episode by the way. I saw you show off Twit Pro this is a great app but I think u should check out an app that's more polished and has a widget. The app is called Twit Stream and can be found in the Play Store, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

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