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All About Android
Episode 128

All About Android 128: Death By a Thousand Micro-Payments



Cyanogenmod, community based open source mammoth of Android, levels up and becomes Cyanogen Inc, garnering $7 million in funding.
Their goals:
Community involvement, Security, features users "need", no junk, constant updates, "available on everything to everyone"
Services they've rolled out already: CM Account, Privacy Guard, Voice+
Promise easy install using one-click installer for Windows and Mac (linux if there's demand) Having root is NOT a requirement as the installer can manage the heavy lifting through command line tools (ADB, fastboot)
Seeking Google certification which can be difficult, but in their AMA, Koush said this about certification "becoming a legitimate business entity and partnering with an OEM are the first steps to licensing Google Services Framework."

Of course, the community has very mixed feelings about this as CM has been community driven and now it's turning into a commercial entity. Some folks feel like their hard work for something they believed would never be profited on is now turning into something very different and they either want a cut, or are simply upset that its happening at all.
Take Focal, for example (which is now a standalone app in the PLay store, by the way.) He helped to bring CM's camera app to the ROM, with mixed results. Guillaume Lesniak took to G+ with a VERY detailed post wherein he paints CM as a team that pulled the rug out from underneath him AND the entire community of developers that added apps and functionality to CM, a community driven ROM.
And finally, Steve Kondik, founder of Cyanogenmon, took to G+ to simply say "All I'll say about the people creating drama today is that you can either listen to angry rants full of inaccurate information, or you can listen to the guys who have consistently delivered quality stuff for years and who will continue to do so."
Questions: Concerns over the changing of licensing in this regard? Is CM something that the public at large wants or even KNOWS they want? Is it OK for the few folks involved with CM to make $$ based on the work of literally hundreds of people in the open source community? Will we see other ROM creators follow suit now that it's apparent there is investor interest in this kind of thing?
On device:
Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Turn on "Android Device Manager"
On the web:



Oppo N1
5.9" fullHD IPS display (377ppi)
1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600
16/32GB models
No SD Card slot
4.2 running Color OS
13MP camera that rotates 206 degrees (front and back facing camera essential)
Camera swivel rated for 100,000 uses (ie 40 times per day for 7 years)
Back plate below camera is touch sensitive. Gestures do things like play next song, browse web, or custom actions.
$571 for October release to China Mobile.
Oppo announced a partnership with Cyanogen. No further details given, but the N1 will be able to run CM's version of Android.
First, a new Developer Edition for Verizon and GSM networks is now selling for $649.99 unsubsidized. This means the device has an unlocked bootloader and a storage boost to 32GB. No Moto Maker customization, however. This is from Motorola, not the Play Store.
Second, scrappy upstart cellular provider Republic Wireless has the Moto X for $299 unsubsidized without a two-year service contract.! This MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) uses the Sprint network and also uses WiFi networks to carry service to its phones.
Finally, new software is rolling out starting with the Sprint version of the Moto X that addresses one of the bigger faults with the decide according to those who've use it. Camera performance has been improved in a number of ways including better auto-white balance and color accuracy, improved outdoor and backlit exposure, and reduced noise in low light.
Nokia was recently sold to Microsoft. But what's interesting to Android enthusiasts is that before the sale took place, Nokia was working on cheap Android phones codenamed "Mountain View"… a backup plan if Windows Phone failed.
A juicy nugget of rumory info from Chinese site CTechnology, a source with a decent track record, states that the device was running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip, and was advanced in the R&D stages. Foxconn had already manufactured 10,000+ prototypes.
And development, supposedly, has continued, even in the wake of the sale to Microsoft! This because Nokia wants to be sure the Microsoft deal will be shareholder approved in November.
So although entirely unlikely, it's fun to think of a world with a Nokia Android device. Are we missing out on something big?



Hey guys, another great app for you and the Android community. It's called NextDoor. They will also send out free postcards to your neighbors letting them know how to sign up. WOW!

Josh Anderson



iMessages, for whatever reason, has long been sought after on the Android platform to no avail. That is, of course, until a developer by the name of Daniel Zweigart pushed "iMessage Chat" to the Play store earlier this month.
People tested it and sure enough, it tackles the task of bringing iMessage into the Android world. It does so by reporting itself to the Apple iMessage server as a Mac Mini. However, all data from Apple servers are routed to a server running in China. The app can also download and install APKs in the background. Yeah, super-sketch.
Analysis has shown that the app doesn't necessarily contain a Virus, but that it exhibits certain characteristics of software that could be malicious, thanks to the permissions it asks for and parts of it's network activity fingerprint.
The app has been pulled from the Play Store, but anyone who has installed it should A: uninstall, and B: reset your Apple ID password immediately, just to be on the safe side.
Just to clarify: It's not been proven to be doing shady things specifically, but the capability is totally there. Be cautious.
Questions: Why do we *need* iMessage? This proves that it's possible, do we think another service will come along and do it right? Will Apple ever allow this?
Google made Quickoffice free for all, allowing Android and iOS users to open and edit Microsoft Office docs on their devices. If you sign IN by Sept 26 (Thursday), you will get 10GB of FREE extra storage on Google Drive for two years.
Google acquired Quickoffice in June 2012.



This is the community that has my answer I'm sure ! I have an app idea like everyone else. I am a QA Engineer for java based web applications in the telecommunication area. I want to outsource my app but IDK who to go to or where to start. I am familiar (very) with the SDLC and basics of dev work, but who can dev my app on a shoestring and do an awesome job? What's the best way to tackle this? consignment? sell the app idea? learn to program? Go with a seasoned pro who does this kind of thing all the time? ;) Help me AAA community you are my only hope !

Matt Lucas

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