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All About Android
Episode 136

All About Android 136: Stalker Level Set to Red



Remember when Vic Gundotra said months back that Google was "committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras?" Some would say that the promise wasn't fulfilled with the camera on the Nexus 5. Personally, I would say they are wrong, but opinions are like… something that everyone has.
Well, it appears that a new API that began in Dec 2012 was likely meant for 4.4, but was removed from the release. in it's place, a comment that says simply "DO not merge. Hide new camera API. Not ready yet."
The new API, it turns out, would likely bring things like per-frame control of capture and post-processing, high resolution uncompressed format compatibility (ie RAW format), face detection for adding things like silly hats, burst shot, and finally support for removable camera. (Sony QX100, Project Ara?)
Google Play for Education is an extension of Google Play designed for schools. Educators can discover apps approved by teachers for teachers, as well as educational videos and a collection of classic books for their classroom. Teachers can search for approved apps by grade, subject and standard, including Common Core, pay using a purchase order, and deploy the content to students instantly.
Schools choose from a Nexus 7, ASUS Transformer Pad 10", or HP Slate 8 Pro. $229 per device, $30 per tablet for management tools.
Nintendo software engineer Nando Monterazo took to Twitter to say that Nintendo is working on a kids tablet focused on education and running Android.

Voice Mall



Moto G
4.5-inch, 720p LCD TFT display
Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
1GB of RAM
5-megapixel rear camera
1.3-megapixel front-facing camera
2,070mAh battery.
Removable color backplates
No support for active notifications, hands free voice control, or LTE
8GB: $179 unsubsidized
16GB: $199 unsubsidized
Moto G (low end device) runs quad core, Moto X (higher end device) runs dual core, but has the contextual brains inside the X8 chip. In the US we'll see the Moto G in early January.
Never thought I'd see the day when either of these things would happen. First, Moto X announced its first device upgrade to 4.4 today and it's on…. Verizon! Before all other Moto X's, the verizon variant gets the upgrade first. In fact, before all other non-Nexus devices! Second, that a Verizon non-Nexus device would get the 4.4 upgrade BEFORE other nexus devices that were promised the update! The Nexus 4 has yet to receive the update.
Samsung said that the Galaxy Gear was doing amazingly well, with some outlets reporting 800,000 units SOLD, and others reporting 800,000 SHIPPED. Remember back to the end of October when rumors were circulating that the Gear had a 30 percent return rate at Best Buy, according to an internal memo. No matter what, SOLD versus SHIPPED are two entirely different things.

Glass News

Google unveiled big news for developers interested in getting in on Glass but unveiling the new Glass Developer Kit at a Google Hackathon event. Until now, devs only had access to the Mirror API which is much more limited in access and scope.
The new GDK enables: access to location provider, camera control, custom voice commands and triggers for apps, live cards that update in real time, and gesture detection on the touch pad. One app shown off was Wordlens, translating printed German words into English in real time. New apps can be access through MyGlass and installed right now.



Google Experience Launcher (which is mostly inside the Search APK) now works with all devices 4.1+, after also installing the launcher APK.
GEL on tablets works flawlessly
New cards: website update cards (sites you might like), news topic card, what to watch card
Traffic incidents (pulling from Waze)
Recurring reminders
Undo the dismissal of cards
One of the awesomest features is CONVERSATION MODE.
The Photos section now will work with Android Beam, so you can shoot pics to each other using NFC. Also, Photos now works with Daydream (the screen-saver feature you can find in the Display settings), so when you're docked or charging the app can show off your pretty pictures. Photos now shows image details. (Finally! Quit asking what camera we took that picture with!) And, non-photo-wise, the Locations section will automatically refresh your friends' locations when you open it.

AAA Game


Android Arena!



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