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All About Android
Episode 140

All About Android 140: Google's Christmas Card



App Ops arrived in 4.3, then seeming disappeared in 4.4, but was rediscovered thanks to an App called App Opps 4.3/4.4. Now, with 4.2.2, it's missing entirely. Android engineer Dianne Hackborn said that App Opps was never meant to be user facing. Google uses it for internal testing and debugging.
The EFF is piped in, saying that App Opps was a "huge advance in Anroid privacy" that now is completely missing. “The fact that they cannot turn off app permissions is a hole in the Android security model, and a billion people’s data is being sucked through. Embarrassingly, it is also one that Apple managed to fix in iOS years ago.” 4.4.2 does patch a few denial of service issues including the Flash SMS vulnerability reported on a few weeks back.
Google VP of project Management Mario Queiroz discussed the future of Chromecast with Gigaom. 2014 will bring the device overseas in what he says will be a wide international expansion, in the hopes that international devs will make their apps Chromecast compatible. "There will be an expectation from consumers that any and every app will be cartable." Also, bringing the Google Cast standard to as many devices (TVs, etc) as possible.



Glass News


iOS MyGlass around the corner
Playlist navigation through the Listen menu
Screen pattern lock
Hangouts glassware to chat/photo/video call with your contacts
YouTube glassware for sharing videos
Wink to pic!
No more signature to messages "sent through glass"
No more guest mode



New reports and leaked screenshots are revealing an Internet-connected thermostat dubbed "EnergySense". Google has supposedly been testing the service in the St Louis area. Google Ventures is the largest investor in Nest, so this might not necessarily be a competitor to the Nest, but possibly work with it. No word from Google on when we might see something.
Turn any photo into a snowglobe in G+. Latest version enables the "shake" feature in the G+ app or the Photos app (same thing really).
Spotify rolled out a free streaming service to mobile users, basically competing with services like Pandora. Pick and artist or playlist to listen to, and songs will play in an order determined by Spotify, with ads every few songs. Six skips per hour.
On tablets, it more closely mirrors the free desktop service, allowing users to select any song or album and listen on demand with ads.



I recommend little Inferno last week and guess what, its on the Humble Bundle this week along with some other great games. Check it out.


Android Arena!



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