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All About Android
Episode 142

All About Android 142: A Banner Year


Biggest wins of 2013

  • Chromecast
  • LG (G Pro, G2, Nexus 5)
  • Samsung (Galaxy Note 3/10.1/S4)
  • HTC One (great hardware)
  • Nexus 5
  • Glass (great promise)
  • Motorola (Moto X, Moto G)
  • Google Now
  • Google Play
  • KitKat

Biggest flops of 2013

  • Facebook Home
  • Galaxy Gear (supposedly 50,000 sales reported in Nov)
  • Ouya?
  • Glass?
  • Moto X? (Strategy Analytics in Nov said only 500,000 sales in Q3)
  • HTC's comeback hopes with the One
  • Samsung 4S Launch

Android predictions for 2014

  • Low latency support for audio I/O
  • More "always listening"
  • Concrete improvements to battery life
  • Concrete improvements to camera
  • More and more wearables
  • Motorola Ara?
  • ART
  • New camera API
  • Launcher in the Play Store
  • More low end phones
  • Google Home
  • Waze and Maps will merge

Our Top 5 Apps from 2013

Jason's Picks

Ron's Picks

Aaron's Picks

Leo's Picks

Notable mentions


Android Arena!



  • None

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