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All About Android
Episode 15

All About Android 15: Tweets Versus Streams



I have been enjoying the show. I have noticed that after I uninstall an app, there are still files left on the phone. What is the best and easiest way to remove these files? I have heard of file managers. I would like more information about these. Which one of these is a good, effective choice? Thanks

Julie Reno, NV

  • Some apps leave install folders and as well some leave settings files within those folders, as an example. I mount the drive on a PC/Mac and delete the folders of apps I know for sure I've uninstalled. Or use Root Explorer to do this within the phone.

@robinmalburn: I just go into AndExplorer on the phone and delete it from my SD card. Nice simple solution, no PC required. @pluggpro: SD Maid requires root, but can help with cleaning remnants from uninstalled programs. @pilot_51: Clearing on uninstall only for 2.2+ if devs do it right.


  • What Would Andy Say?
  • There are now over 500,000 Android devices activated every day, and it's growing at 4.4% w/w he tweeted on Tuesday. Was he listening to our discussion? :)
  • Rooting and ROMing your Thunderbolt
  • 1st page: Mac instructions for Installing ADB, and then rooting your Thunderbolt. READ CAREFULLY.
  • 2nd page: XDA's walkthrough just for kicks. If you follow the Mac walkthrough, this is unnecessary, but I include it in case you want another source to choose which "speaks your language". Both do the same thing, though.
  • 3rd page: BAMF Sense 3.0 GB RC 1 ROM (FLASH THIS)
  • 4th page: MR2.5 Radio


Hey guys love the show. Just wondering if there is a good place to go to pick a Rom for your phone. This is the first time romming my phone and I want it to go well. Anything I should remember or do first? Have already rooted with super one click. what else should I do? Maybe a whole show on roms? Just wondering. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Samsung Mesmerize on US Cellular

Dan from Manchester,Iowa


New Apps


As a person that logs over 2000 miles a week in his truck I have found that when using my phone and laptop tethered when no wi-fi around that using the mobile site for some of my favourites on the lap top load faster and uses less bandwith. That helps keep from hitting the cap. Just something to pass on to all the other people that listen and may be going on vacation this summer.


On episode 14 a question came from Adam in Nashville about his Windows phone having capability to record calls. You made some decent app suggestions, but I wanted to throw in one more option for Adam. I use Google Voice and the number they've given me to take and receive calls and it's the killer Android app for so many reasons. Anytime I'm on a call for example, I just press 4 on my number pad and my call is recorded. It's not automatic and requires that one step, but the calls are saved in Google Voice and can be archived as long as they're needed.

I use that on customer service calls, but also on calls with my fiancee when she starts listing off items she needs me to pick up at the grocery store. To stop recording, I just press 4 again.

I'm sure you got this email a hundred times, but I wanted to drop a note just in case to let you guys know of one more option. Thanks for the show!

Mike Lewis @mlewis106"

Android Arena!


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