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All About Android
Episode 168

All About Android 168: Patch Tuesday



Getting Android on any and all screens.
Material Theme
Improved animation capabilities
3D views, realtime shadows
Activity transitions and shared "hero" elements
Google Play Services 5
Wearables compatibility
Play Games (Saved games across devices, Quests for event-based challenges, Game profile for experience points.)
App indexing API for deep content retrieval in search
Dynamic Security Provider (security patches via Play Services now)

Android Wear/G Watch/Gear Live/Moto 360


Competitor to Apple Health Kit: view, control, collect fitness data

Android Auto Android TV and


It works by plugging your Android device into a car, no wireless support yet.
Finding and playing music on your car stereo.
Voice control.
Larger buttons for easy operation.
Google Maps support.
The Open Automotive
Alliance includes 28 different car makers.
Supposedly on sale before the end of the year.
Sharing content with a TV on a different Wi-Fi network is now possible.
Chromecast ready screen will be able to stream your own photos.
Chromecast will be able to mirror your phone screen on a TV.
Google Knowledge Graph enabled
Search and watch apps, games and content on your TV. At least in the Google Play ecosystem (for now).
Voice search enabled
Multiplayer games between Android TV and other Android devices.
Chromecast support
Sony and Sharp will be releasing supported devices next year.

Chrome OS and Android


In Android L, the redesigned app switcher shows native apps as well as active web tabs. Every web tab has the same value as an app.
Google is expanding its App Indexing API to all Android apps. For example, when you search for a movie in Google, there could be a deep link in the search results that will open the IMDb app on this exact movie page. It’s a seamless transition from the web to a native app.
Early demo: Android apps running on a Chromebook - specifically Evernote, Flipboard and Vine, in portrait phone mode and landscape tablet mode
The app was able to tap into the laptop's webcam just as it would on a handset
Android/ChromeOS notification mirroring ala Pushbullet where you see incoming texts and calls and low battery alerts on ChromeOS
Android unlocks ChromeOS when it's nearby

Everything Else from IO


Appurify will stay open as freemium cross-platform service but get a big boost in distribution as it becomes integrated into the Google developer tool stack.
Appurify’s big value add is helping developers handle fragmentation. It permits wide-scale testing on a big range of gadgets, so devs can catch bugs and other performance issues on devices they can’t test on themselves.

Android Arena!



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