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All About Android
Episode 17

All About Android 17: The Case Of The Disappearing Android



  • Larry Page On Android Patent Problems: “There Hasn’t Been Any Slow Down”; Over $9 Billion In Revenue
  • “Android is on a tear,” Page continued. He reiterated many of the massive numbers he shared earlier in the call — 550,000 Android activations a day, etc. He pointed to the 231 carrier partners and 78 open handset alliance partners that Google has — so far, they don’t appear to be scared of the patent issue.
  • “Depsite the efforts of some of our competitors, there hasn’t been any slow down,” Page said. “We’re really committed to Android,” he continued before qualifying that: “We will support it in a cost-effective manner.” Reading into that, the statement seems to suggest that Google did not feel bidding over $4.5 billion on the Nortel patents was worth it." Notes are on Larry's G+ account!
  • Android 3.2 was released last Friday
  • Includes:
  • Optimizations around varying screen sizes allowing devs to better target the range of sizes (including smaller tabs)...
  • Fill-screen mode for apps that aren't optimized for larger screens, enabling all apps that might not be optimized for larger screens to scale up....
  • Media sync from SD card, allowing apps to pull in media directly from removable SD media if desired.
  • Motorola says they are rolling out the update for the Xoom as we speak.


"Looks like Google Voice has some answers for the spam/telemarketer email from the July 11th Android show. (updated Tue, July 12) Sci Wizam"

  • One day after we discussed spam calls, Google Voice releases a blog post on the topic.... is... Google listening to the show?
  • Go to Calls tab of Google Voice settings and check Global SPAM filtering to have numbers you've flagged as SPAM go directly to SPAM folder without hitting your phone.
  • This is a follow up to the in app purchasing story. I gave up searching the market for something to specifically block in app purchases. This morning I purchased App Protector Pro for $1.99. By default it adds the Market to the protect list, however I discovered that adding the "My Apps" process to the protect list App Protector Pro now requires me to enter a passcode.

Now my 5 year old will be forced to being the tablet, which will give me the opportunity to educate him about the feature in that game that costs real money. I am sure other password protection app would work, so long as they allow you to protect the "My Apps" process.

I hope Google can integrate this feature into the market process without someone having to sue them, as was apparently necessary with Apple. Brian Hanifin"

  • Password protect the Market app and you then are requiring a password to make a market purchase! And, Brian says it also seems to work for in-app payments! Nice!
  • Also, you may remember an app I featured a while back called ZDBox that does this (and many other things).

In your last show, you criticized the Asus Transformer as being too expensive, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The MSRP of the 16 GB version is $100 less than the equivalent iPad, as is the 32 GB model. While the MSRP of about $125 for the keyboard dock is a bit steep, it is not necessary, and the tablet is great without it. It is true that this tablet is listed at higher prices from many retailers, but those are more than what Asus is asking, and are reflective of the surprisingly high demand (over 500,000 so far). I believe it is currently the number 1 Android tablet, which makes me think you should cover it more. Anyway, great show guys, keep it up!



  • Amazon Plans Tablet Computer By October
    • Rumors only and no official statement from Amazon: no camera; $300 price point; 9 inch screen. Amazon plans to introduce two updated versions of its black-and-white Kindle in this year's third quarter, people familiar with the matter said. One of the new Kindles will have a touch screen, which current models don't have.


  • Spotify's US launch: three tiers, free is currently invite-only
  • 3 tiers: free, unlimited (), and premium music ().
  • The free tier lets you stream 10 hours of music per month with ads (and unlimited local music).
  • The unlimited tier offers unlimited ad-free streams
  • The premium tier offers all of that plus offline mode and access from your mobile phone.
Searching for music is easy and intuitive.
Streaming quality is excellent (160kbps for High Quality)
Scrobble to Last.FM
  • Cons:
Streaming (especially at high quality) eats up a LOT of data, so be careful.
Without a sort option, navigating large music collections can be difficult.
Overall, maybe not the best app for all of your local music, but using it JUST for Spotify music, it does its job well.

Locate your phone:

  • Lookout - Eileen Rivera
  • Seekdroid - Jason Howell
  • Where's my Droid - Ron Richards


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