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All About Android
Episode 18

All About Android 18: Developing Games For Android



  • FOLLOWUP: Google's Schmidt vows to defend HTC
  • Schmidt, speaking at a Google mobile conference in Tokyo last week:
  • "We have seen an explosion of Android devices entering the market and, because of our successes, competitors are responding with lawsuits as they cannot respond through innovations," he said. "I'm not too worried about this....We will make sure they don't lose..."
  • RELATED: Google in Talks With Wireless Patent Firm
  • InterDigital owns and licenses about 8,800 patents relating to transmitting wireless data, canceling noise interference during phone calls and other technologies for use in cellular phones and networks. Its patent portfolio is built mainly around handsets, and covers different wireless standards.


Hey Jason, I was watching AAA and I was a bit surprised of the app you choose for finding a lost phones. Well from rooter to rooter let me introduce you to Theft Aware 2.0 ($15 after Trial) This app will allow you to track your device even if they hard reset your device.

Luis Ojeda

During your apps segment on missing device software, you left off the best: Cerberus. It's on the market here:

Reasonably priced and with low impact on your phone. The web site allows you to do much more then the apps you covered.

Randy Niven


  • Samsung Galaxy S II Headed To U.S. In August
  • “We expect to release the Galaxy S2 in the U.S. market sometime in August,” Shin Jong-kyun, president of Samsung’s mobile business and digital imaging, told reporters at a media briefing.
  • Related: Samsung smartphone sales may outshine Apple
  • Samsung has passed Nokia and may have passed Apple in global smartphone sales during the second quarter, according to estimates from Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston.
  • Responding to a recent series of questions from Bloomberg, Mawston pegged Samsung's second-quarter smartphone sales at anywhere from 18 million to 21 million.
  • Even on the low end, the numbers surpass those of Nokia, which sold 16.7 million smartphones for the quarter. And if they're are at or near the high end, it means Samsung also edged past Apple, which sold 20.3 million iPhones over the same period.
10.1 1280x800 display
1GHz Tegra 2 chipset
16/32GB on-board storage; SD Card slot
Optional 3G (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint)
5MP rear camera; 2MP front
Android 3.1
Lenovo overlay on top of Honeycomb ie. not vanilla.
FULL Netflix support, first of its kind for Honeycomb, with offline storage capability.


I’m curious if you can provide insight as to what hardware specs really matter when buying a phone, specifically in regards to amount RAM vs processor speed. I’m trying to decide between an HTC thunderbolt (single core, 768MB RAM) and a Droid X2 (dual core, 512 MB RAM), but don’t know which of the two specs is more important. I am aware of the other differences between the phones, but don’t know how to weight the RAM and Processor differences.


Andy Chapel Hill, North Carolina"

  • Allen Schneider - I'd go with more RAM in this case.The first OS to really take advantage of dual core for phones will be Ice Cream Sandwich, so much of the decision depends on how long you intend on keeping the phone. If it's for a few months, Thunderbolt. Otherwise, Droid.
  • Nicole Lee - On paper, I tend to side with the dual-core Tegra, because it really is much faster -- graphics load quicker, rendering is faster, multi-tasking is better, etc. But that's if you don't factor in Blur and the fact that it doesn't have 4G-LTE. (Honestly, at this point, I'm ALL about 4G-LTE). So, yes to the X2 if you're not into 4G... but why aren't you? :)
  • Overall: Current Android OS is not dual-core efficient, so bumps in performance won't shine through there... BUT Ice Cream Sandwich will be... so how important is that for you in the long run?
  • Google+ thread about this topic

In one of your episodes you talked about Cameras in tablets. You had made the point that you don't have a use for them. But I feel it can be job dependent.

I'm a sales person at a local furniture store here in Anchorage, Alaska. All of the sales staff here have tablets. 4 Android and 3 iPad 2`s. I and the other sales staff use the camera in them all the time. Customers want a picture of a sofa or something else. We have the program Print Share installed and can print to any of the local printers. Or we can just email them the picture. We also use them to take pictures in a customers home to help them with there furniture needs.

I do agree that using it to take pictures on a trip or while out can be a little strange.

Keep up the great work guys, love the show!

Mike M. Anchorage, Alaska


Theft Aware 2.0

Android Arena!


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