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All About Android
Episode 2

All About Android 2: Cloud Music Streaming


  • Amazon Cloud Player Lets You Play Your Music From Anywhere
    • Amazon just upped the ante by releasing a music player that lets anyone upload their music to Amazon’s servers and play them via the web or Android. Users are given 5 GB of free storage but can get 20 GB if they purchase an album through Amazon.
    • Google has finally launched in-app payment support for Android applications. Tap Tap Revenge, Gun Bros, Dungeon Defenders and ComiXology all have in-app purchasing. Google will take the same 30% cut that Apple takes from in-app purchases.
  • Google tightening control of Android, insisting licensees abide by 'non-fragmentation clauses'?
    • Last week we talked about the delay of distribution of the Honeycomb source code and the definition of open source. Now there are some rumblings and most spawning from Businessweek that "a dozen executives working at key companies in the Android ecosystem" that Google is actively working to gain control and final say over customizations of its popular mobile OS -- possibly demanding that content partnerships and OS tweaks get the blessing of Andy Rubin before proceeding
    • We got this story today shortly before the show from Marc A, and wanted to throw it out there... we haven't had a whole lot of time to digest and really figure out how we feel about this, so we want to throw it out to you guys. Send an email and let us know how you feel, and we can dig a little deeper on next week's show.


  • XOOM - Eileen's 1st week impressions


  • Firefox 4 for Android
  • New app - Comixology

Android Arena!


I'm very interested in purchasing my first android and could really use your help making that transition.

Here's what's important to me in a mobile phone. I am most concerned about syncing my contacts and calendar items; having IMAP access to my gmail; syncing music and photos would be great but not as important. I'm a Mac, iPhone 4, Address Book, iCal and Mobile Me user. It works very well for me. I hope there is a good way to switch my phone to an Android, preferably the Nexus S 4G on Sprint when it comes out.

Can you please do a live demonstration on the show of how to move from iPhone to Android? How to sync the Mac Address Book and iCal to a Gmail account and then –most importantly– how to initiate 2way sync between a Mac (laptop), Google, and an android device. There seems to be a lot of YouTube video but I haven't found anything too helpful as of yet. I think there are a lot of Mac/iPhone users who would make the switch if there was a solid way to accomplish the task. My biggest reservation is that Android won't be near the same user experience that I am accustomed to using iPhone/MobileMe. Any help would be great and much appreciated!!

Marc Freedman

Loved the first show, and glad to see you on the TWiT network. My two cents on the handset size question: I have a fairly good-sized paw, and never thought I could use a touch screen for typing. I've been using my Samsung Vibrant/Galaxy S for six months the size is perfect. A 4"" screen fits in the pocket nicely, and I can still type when I need to (though often I use the voice input). The 4.3"" phones, though, seem GINORMUS. Such a little difference, yet the whole feel of the handset is different. Let's hope we keep having some range of choice as the new devices come out, especially since I'll probably have to get new hardware when AT&T gobbles T-Mobile and I have to go searching for a CDMA home.

Steve in Saint Paul


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