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All About Android
Episode 21

All About Android 21: Googlers, Motorolans and Samsungites



  • Google to acquire Motorola Mobility
  • Google dropped a bombshell this morning when it announced that it is dropping $12.5b to acquire Motorola Mobility. There are a number of facets that this announcement covers. Let's touch on them one by one:
  • Patents:
  • Google is putting its money where its mouth is, an attempt to shore up its own patent portfolio by way of Motorola's 17,000 patents as well as 7,500 pending patents.
  • Devices:
  • “This acquisition will not change our commitment to run Android as an open platform,” In fact, Motorola Mobility will be run as a separate company from Google. What does this mean for things like Motoblur and locked bootloaders, among other things? What does this mean for Nexus phones?
  • Cable/Set top boxes:
  • Motorola has a foothold in the cable business as they provide set top boxes in large numbers for cable companies to rent and sell to their customers. Could this help Google TV?"


I'd like to see a review of contact/info apps that bypass the lock screen. For instance, if I lost my phone I'd like someone to be able to contact me to let me know they found it (email, husband's cell #, etc.). Also, it would be useful for including ICE contact and medical info.

A mechanic once left his Blackberry in my car on Friday and had to wait until they opened on Monday for me to return it because there was no way for me to bypass his password to find out how to contact him. No excuse in his case as the BB natively allows you to include info on the lock screen.




  • First 7-inch Android Honeycomb tablet hit stores last weekend
  • The A100 is powered by a Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. The 7-inch screen has a resolution of 1024x600 at a 16:9 aspect ratio, and the tablet is Flash-equipped and can play 1080p video via an external monitor. Physically, the tablet weighs 0.92 pounds and is just under half an inch thick.



I got the Droid Incredible last fall (I believe you remember, Jason, I email Android Atlas back when you were at CNet:) and after having major software issues with Sense, I rooted and flashed Cyanogenmod. Everything ran beautifully until I began flashing the nightlies every other day. Each time a new nightly was released, my phone would seize up in a fit or Force Closes(insert conspiracy theory here;) Every app, whether it was open or not, would force close, including the Google.service.framework. So I moved off the nightlies and back to the stable builds and everything ran fine again.

...about a month ago, the power button on my Droid Incredible broke. Luckily, VZW was kind enough to replace it with a refurb even though it was rooted. As soon as I had received and activated the ""new"" phone I quickly rooted and flashed CM7.

Shortly after getting the refurb, the phone has gone into similar fits only this time its completely random. Without warning it will spiral into a fit of Force Closes to make the entire phone inoperable; even the phone dialer force closes so I can't make calls! I've tried everything to fix it: reflash the ROM, flash a different ROM(different versions of CM) wiped all the data, fix permissions via clockwork, uninstall a bunch of apps; nothing works or if it does, only for a short time.

Help me Android Crew, you're my only hope.


  • In this case, it sounds to be like an issue with the Refurb. The question is whether Joshua ever ran the stock ROM long enough to experience these issues then too and if so, maybe its a hardware issue?

Android Arena!


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