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All About Android
Episode 23

All About Android 23: Lock and Load




Could someone with a bit of influence such as you guys please start a campaign to give the android tabs a generic name. Something like “g-tab”.

What would be wrong with a “Toshiba g-tab” or a “Samsung g-tab”, after all the “Apple iPad “ seems to work. As a fan boy it would be great if I could just say “this is my ‘g-tab’“. As a matter of fact I will do that from now on. Am I the only user who thinks this way? ...thanks for the great show...

Trevor Smith




Enjoy your show. I am trying to listen to you using doubleTwist on my computer but aaa does not show up in the Podcast Search - why?? Other twit stuff shows up but not your show. Please help. Thanks,




You are my favorite TWIT show.

I like to watch video podcasts while I'm on my indoor bike. When watching a Netflix movie, I noticed that if I tapped the screen, I could see the notification area. This is great because then I can see the icon for the timer for my workout.

I use DoggCatches for my podcast client but it doesn't support this feature yet. However, it can use an external program to play the videos. Do you know of a program that does this?





I don't use an unlock password for my Nexus S. Is there a way to disable the lock screen and have it go straight to the currently running app when resuming? Thanks for making such a good show, you are all great!

Best wishes,


Android Arena!

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