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All About Android
Episode 24

All About Android 24: Grab Bag Of Feedback #3



Android Nexus S in space Atlantis carried aboard two Nexus S phones as part of STS-135’s mission. NASA is utilizing the Nexus S to upgrade a trio of volleyball sized SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites) used to record sensor data and video footage. In the future, the phones will control and maneuver the SPHERES using the IOIO board and possibly the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK).]


Love the show. So, I've been using Android for about 6 months on my HTC Desire S having ditched the iPhone and I'm largely happy but one thing has been bugging me lately.

I've got plenty off apps installed many of which offer a 'share via' function and these come up in this menu. Unfortunately this list is getting rather long and I only ever choose three options (facebook, gmail or dropbox). It's made worse by Facebook appearing twice as well as the Facebook HTC sense app that comes with the phone. I don't know if this can be uninstalled as it came built into the phone? Anyway in short I want to be able to edit the 'share via' menu. I can't find anything helpful.

Hope you can help,

Alex, UK

  • There is no way to do this, though there totally should be!

First off, I love your show and Long time listener and first time writer. I am having a problem or a concern about e-reader. I have a lot of eBooks, like PDF and chm. Which application do you guys recommend for reader that saves progress for both formats. Thanks in advance.


  • Aldiko doesn't seem to do chm. Cool Reader seems good for that.
  • Cool Reader doesn't do PDF. Couldn't find anything that does both!

I want to get my mom a new phone since she's due for an upgrade on T-mo, she's not new to Android since she has a G1 but I think she needs something better. Considering her needs (texting, phone calls, occasional browsing and even less picture taking) I was looking at some inexpensive models like the Samsung Gravity Smart or the LG Optimus T. But I dont know which of the two to go for.

She doesnt need a power house, but she says she would like to have a physical keyboard if possible. Im still hesitating in which of the phones I mentioned would be best since both kind of have the same specs, and I do want her to have something that at least she'll be comfortable with. Besides those I mentioned... Do you guys know of any other options? She's looking not to spend a lot on a phone and she usually keeps them for a while, so durability is also in the equation.

Hope you guys can answer my question, and keep it up with the show, its one of the BEST out there. Thanks :)

Humberto Valencia

Otherwise, what about a Sidekick 4G? Totally has a physical keyboard and decent specs. Free too!

  • A great budget conscious option on T-mo is the Samsung Exhibit 4G which is around $50, taps into the 4G speeds, and comes out of the gate with Gingerbread. Downside is the lack of a physical keyboard, which may be a deal breaker.

Have you ever blasted your ear drums because you forget you left the volume turned up before you plugged in your headphones?

I stumbled upon an app named Hearing Saver that will automatically adjust the volume when headphones are plugged in. Its free, ad free, open source, and seems to work perfectly on my Nexus S.

Love the show,


I have found the Screen Timeout Widget to be very useful. It is available for free in the Android Market. I’ve noticed that while you are doing demos, your screens will darken, this widget easily fixes this problem. It is also very useful when showing photos to friends.

Thanks for all the information, I watch your podcast on my TiVo and really enjoy it.


Bountiful, Utah

I was up in the air on between the T-Mobile G2X and the HTC Sensation 4g. Eileen, you wanted an update, well here it is. I decided to go with the HTC Sensation 4G after watching episode 19. It is a great phone and I received the 2.3.4 update the very next morning after activating the phone.

This was a long awaited upgrade. Anyone who survives 2 years with the T-Mobile myTouch 3g, deserves some type of award or extra discount.

Tony @iSting

Thank you for putting on such a great show for the Android enthusiast. After your root episode, I rooted my Evo 4G and installed a custom rom (CM) and kernel (Tiamat).

Now on to my question...

My 21 month old son has shown a great interest in both my wife's and I's Evo 4Gs. Though it is nice to see the interest, he tends to "help" a little too much with playing Plants vs Zombies or insist we need to watch videos on Youtube. We would like to buy an iPod Touch like Android device to call his own. We love Android and have invested in apps in that app ecosystem. The device needs to have Wi-Fi, cannot make calls, and does not need much storage space (<= 8 GB). What options exists? Is buying an unlocked phone an option? I worry about my son making phone calls. Can an unlocked phone without a SIM card make any calls? I am also looking at a cost of under $200. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Adam Kolbe

  • Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 - not available yet. Just announced Not pricing or availability has been confirmed yet for the US.
  • Lenovo Tablet - $200 - will run Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread), feature both front and back-facing cameras, Wi-Fi

I work around a lot of loud machines so I use my phone as a music player. I also NEED to use Bluetooth headphones. (I broke three treo 650's because of wired headphones) The stock music player on the G2 worked great except when I get a call, but that's another E-mail. The problem I'm having is no matter what Music/Video app I use, If I turn my Bluetooth Headset on I HAVE to go into the music app to activate the headset. Is there a way to put the stock google music player on the Sensation? The Sense Music player won't read my artists right and when I back out it FC. Also having to stop eight people from working and change PPoE gear (sterile clothing) just to activate my headset is not cool. I've tried multiple music players, but I haven't found one that solves this problem.

LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

Antonio from Atlanta Ga. ( TechAce01 in the chatroom)

I love the show. Have not missed an episode yet, even the betas. Quick question, I have heard Eileen talk about the unlocked Galaxy S II that she imported. I heard you say you use Go Launcher EX. Is the European version not Vanilla Android, and if so then why use a third party launcher? And if it is “skinned” as you say in the business, why not wait and get one of the US versions, rather than spend all that money, not to mention the shipping charges? Keep up the awesome work…..and Jason, pick a phone already…..

Henry from Boston

Is there an Android app for Google Talk that can do popup in a similar way like go SMS when a new message arrives? I've search Android Market and I don't think there is one there. I'm not from the US so I don't have access to Amazon's Android Market so there maybe an app there that I don't know that can do that. And of course you guys are the expert here so maybe you could let me know if there is one? :)

Hey, more power to you all!! I love your show and I'm very glad I accidentally listened! Just by watching two shows, my girl already think that I'm an Android apps expert. How cool is that? :)


  • The native Google Talk app actually allows you to do this.
    • Talk app: Settings>Notifications>Pop=up alert.
  • Once set this way, any new chats that come through will pop-up a message window, allowing you to read that chat message and jump right over to continue the conversation.
  • Also don't forget that Android 2.3.4+ will support video chat on many phones.

Love the show and I have learned so much from you guys. You folks always have such great reviews and informative discussions but in a fun and lighthearted way. As someone who is not only new to Android but to the world of smartphones in general I am really benefiting from all the good content on your show. It was hearing Leo talk about Android so strongly that conviced me to go that route. I am looking for a good IM app do you guys have any recommendations as to what would be a good choice. I have tried a few and none have really been very good. Also maybe on a future show you could cover browsers for the Android. Thanks love the show keep up the good work.

Terry in Ontario Canada

I am looking for an application that will turn up my ringer volume at a specified time, and then silence it again later. I am in and out of class in college, and I frequently miss calls between class because I forget the phone is on silent! I would love it if there is an app with which I could create a schedule for ringer volume. Thanks, love the show!

Cody Welu


5.3-inch handset with a stowaway pen
Android 2.3 + TouchWiz
1280 x 800 Super AMOLED display
Dual 8MP and 2MP cameras
Removable 2,500mAh battery
Samsung-made dual-core 1.4GHz processor
Dual-core 1.4GHz CPU,
Android 3.2
1280 x 800 Super AMOLED Plus display
Android 3.2]
4.2-inch screen
1.4GHz processor
8.1 megapixel camera
Reality Display and the ability to convert 2D images into 3D
4.3-inch device
HDMI out
Throw media to compatible Sony devices
  • THIS JUST IN: Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Is Very Real.
  • The device is a 7-inch tablet with a capacitive touch screen. It is multi-touch, but from what I saw, I believe the reports that it relies on a two-finger multi-touch. PRICE: $250; As anticipated, Amazon has forked Android to build their own version for the Kindle. Simply put: it looks nothing like the Android you’re used to seeing. Google’s Android Market is nowhere to be found. They are not working with Google on this. At all.

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