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All About Android
Episode 40

All About Android 40: Feedback And Favorites


I am a new listener to your show and a new Android user. I just got the Nexus yesterday. I was wondering what suggestions you have for apps to help me extend my battery life. I know ICS has the kill function, but I did not know if there was something out there that you have used to do so. I have not caught up on back shows so you all may have talked about it in the past. If you have, what episode can I find that in?


Doug from PA

  • Check out episode 16:
  • Also: Turn down display brightness
  • WiFi/Bluetooth:
    • If WiFi/BT is available, switch it on
    • If WiFi/BT is not available, DISABLE. Otherwise they will continue to scan regularly.
  • Adjust WiFi sleep policy to never turn off when phone is idle (again, IF wifi is available)
  • If GPS on, make sure apps aren't calling on GPS all the time
  • Dial down sync intervals
  • Turn off system animations
  • Root: Set CPU to scale CPU cycles dynamically
  • Or carry an extra battery!
  • Backup data between apps on multiple markets

First off, you guys are awesome, love watching the show. I do have a question that has been bugging me for a while now and I hope you guys have the answer.

If you have an app on one market, back it up with Titanium Backup, uninstall the app, & install it from another market can you carry it's data to the newly installed app from the 2nd market using Titanium?

I need this for one game I leveled up in and would love to not start over if I can help it. Love the show & hope to hear my question on the show.

Paul Werner

  • As long as the package name is the same, the data *should* transfer over.
  • G+ thread

Listener suggestion: Lockscreen

I do not know if you have seen this, but the MIUI unlocker is free on the market place. Just discovered it after listening to your show and looking for other unlockers. Great thing about it is that there are a lot of different themed lock screens you can download in the app. Only downside is not all of the instructions are in English, but still a great app for your audience.

Love the show,


Question about VPN

I was wondering if y'all knew of any Android Apps that work the same as AnchorFree's HotSpot Shield does for my laptop? Thank you for all your help and I love the show and network!

Jim Cushman (@Cushmanzadah)"

What are our beautiful apps?

I loved your last show especially as you focused (clearly by accident) on some great looking apps. I thought it might actually be a nice idea for a segment on your show and you can get some inspirations from this blog I found the day after the show Other beautiful apps I use that look great both on a tablet and a phone include IMDB, the Kindle app and the Kobo app. What are your beautiful apps?

Have a happy and peaceful holidays.

Marlon "theGuyfromTrinidad"

Google apps that look bad on tablet

long time watcher/listener. Here's something that's been eating at me ever since I got my Galaxy Tab 8.9 (love the size BTW). Since day one, I've been a proponent of G+ and have done my best to turn people onto it. However, their tablet presence is really bad. It's literally the mobile app but just wider due to the variable width they have set on their panels.

I know this sounds harsh, but if they want to be taken seriously they need to have a professional look on all of the devices that they're on. I'm just really surprised that they've let this go as long as they have and I was curious to see you what your take was on this. I really want G+ to succeed but I'm tired of the sub par experience on my tablet.


Eric Mooney

  • AGREED!!!

Podcast app question

This is Marc from Holland and I have the following question:

Is it possible that the Android platform resumes a podcast just like on iOS does? I mean, when you pause a podcast and later on you resume, it will play from the last position.

I want an Android phone and this is important for me. I hope you will answer this question, because online on forums no one seems to know.

I love your podcast and keep up the great work.



  • Yes, get pocketcasts! -E

Advice for Android development

I've had a really great idea for an app, but am clueless as to how I would develop it. Do you know of anyone who can help? I've looked online, but am scared the websites I've found will just steal my idea.

Thank you,

Andy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Buying a used phone

Do you have any hints or advice for someone considering buying a used phone? I've been looking at ads on Craigslist and Ebay for used HTC Thunderbolts. There are some good prices but you never really know what you are going to get on those sites. Also, I notice a lot of listings talk about a "clean ESN." Can you explain what that means? If I buy a used phone, do I just take it to the Verizon store and have them switch it over to my account?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Tom in La Jolla

  • Clean ESN means it hasn't been reported lost or stolen

New Android user and moving music from iTunes

Thanks for your show I discovered it two weeks ago while doing research on tablets. I am a PC user, who owns an IPhone. My first Android device will be the new Asus Transformer Prime. I am very interested in knowing what approach I could use to leverage my ITunes library of music and videos on the new tablet. What recommendations if any can you offer? I intend on going through all 34 of your previous shows.They contain a wealth of information on apps and other info that has been extremely helpful on bringing me up to speed on Android. Thanks again.

Tracy M.Brooks

  • Doubletwist, upload to google music

Audio question for Jason

I would like to find a way to volume level all my tracks, so when I listen to to music on my Android I don't have to constantly adjust the volume between albums. A few years ago I used to use a program that would volume level all my music tracks, however it did it on the fly, not permanently. What Android or Desktop app would you recommend (if anything) for accomplishing this task? I'd like to run it once and not have to worry about it again (except for new stuff I purchase, of course.)

Jake Munson

Kuna Idaho

Tablet for grandma

I have a dilemma in regards to finding the right combination of tech for my grandma to take with her to Arizona as she is a snowbird for about 3-4 months out of the year.

She does not have internet in Arizona, but would like to be able to use email and play games. I currently have an Android Tablet (Galaxy Tab 10.1), but I'm not sure if it would be as easy to use as an Ipad. By the way, my grandma is 81 years old, but fairly tech savvy. I am her main tech support so I am wanting to get her something that is very low maintenance as I will not be in Arizona with her.

My grandma is currently on my Verizon family plan and I am not sure whether to get her a tablet with data built in or to get a wifi tablet with a mifi since she will only need to use the data for 3-4 months a year. She would be able to use her home wifi in Tacoma, WA the rest of the year.

Emails, games, books and maybe some video chat are what she would be using the tablet for. One problem I have with tablets is the keyboard. Typing on a tablet might be a little difficult for my grandma. Then again, I might want to get her an android tablet because of the voice to text (which I use all the time) and that might be easier for her.

I'm really just not sure which path to me to decide please...

Thank you in advance,


Watermark App

Have any of you come across a photo app that makes it possible to take a picture with a watermark, or even take a picture and add it after taking it?

I currently use the stock camera or vignette, then move over to PicSay pro to add a text marking. Just wondering...



About Rooting and voiding warranty

I have a question about rooting my phone. I have the ATRIX 4G and I rooted it the other day and I used Pete's Motorola Root Tools to do this and I was using it for a few days and a friend told me that I had voided my warranty and so I went back and used Pete's Motorola Root Tools to unroot my phone. My question is if I root my phone and need to send it in to AT&T, Can I unroot it again and not get in trouble from AT&T?

Thanks and keep up the great work!


  • You should not have to worry about voiding the warranty if you unroot. I did this with the Thunderbolt before sending it back due to a faulty microphone.

Pinch and Zoom on gmail

I'm hoping you could mention this on today's show.

While there is now pinch to zoom in the new calendar, there still isn't pinch to zoom in the native gmail app for html emails. How could Google ignore this obvious feature for so long? There is hope in an Android bug report page:

The bug is at 91 votes, which puts it at about ~200 out of 15,300 in the Android bug list. If you mention this on the show, perhaps we could get enough votes to finally get this implemented.


Sideloading Google TV apps

I'm a Sony googletv lover like Ron... I was wondering could Ron do a short segment highlighting that even though the market is kinda sparse, that apk's from phone apps can be sideloaded via usb and dropbox etc.. Its trial & error figuring out what works & what doesn’t... a few apps I personally have had success with are Amazon market, rockplayer, pocketcasts, sextube pro, es file explorer, ewallet, seesmic, slacker radio, launcher pro, and the list goes on... I just want the masses to know that its a great platform, and would hate to see it die because nobody knew how great it was..


Wifi texting app

I just got my Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and was wondering if there's an SMS app I can use on it? I'd love to text my family and friends that have SMS on their phones, but I can't seem to find a decent app for my wifi-only device. Any ideas?


Android Arena!


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