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All About Android
Episode 41

All About Android 41: Oh, You Mean This White Balance?



  • HTC Unlocks Its Verizon and AT&T Bootloaders
    • Back in May 2011, after much backlash around their locked bootloaders, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC vowed to unlock the bootloaders on future HTC devices. It took a little time, but on December 28, Chou followed through on his word! According to HTCDev, HTC's official Development site, "all HTC Android devices launched after September 2011 are now unlockable" and should continue to be. They are also working to unlock devices prior to that date. HTC joins Sony Ericcson in following through on their commitment to the open dev community.
  • ASUS Transformer Prime's Bootloader Is Locked And Encrypted, User Rage Ensues
    • Meanwhile, Asus's hotly anticipated Transformer Prime tablet is the victim of a locked and encrypted bootloader. Social media backlash is underway with the hopes that Asus is forced in the direction that HTC was back when this happened to them!
  • Asus Transformer Prime bootloader petition


I was wondering if there are any android modes or apps that allow you to set custom alert tones for specific contacts sort of like you can do in iOS 5.

So far I find that I can use apps like Ringo to set the tones but it requires me to my phones default tones to silent or else it will play the default tone and the alert tone I picked. I have not found a solution that lets you set tones for specific people and plays the default for everyone else.

Keep rockin the great shows

Brendan from PA

  • You can assign a ringtone to any contact when you edit that contact's information. If you are talking about notifications like SMS, there is no easy way to do that at this time, though it seems like Ringo is the popular app choice for doing that.



I am have been on a Verizon BB curve for 2.5 years now and I want to get an android. I was thinking of getting a RAZR or Galaxy nexus but after reading and hearing some reviews I am thinking maybe I should wait to see if something better might be on the near horizon. What is your opinion? Have u heard of any thing that might be worth waiting for? Do u know of any details regarding a possible Galaxy S3 or RAZR Maxx or some other cool phones for Verizon? Or should I just get the Nexus? But I have heard that the nexus has a bad speaker and it can be difficult to hear driving direction in a car.

Thanks & Happy New Year,


Android Arena!

  • This week's face-off: grab bag


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