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All About Android
Episode 5

All About Android 5: A Podcast About Podcast Apps... How Meta




Honeycomb Apps

Android Arena!

This week's face-off: Podcast Apps:


  • Loren: Tip for potential Atrix buyers


Your twitter friend is wrong about SPB not allowing regular widgets. I have Aix weather on one of the panels and I tested Beyond Pod, Amazon MP3, Audible and Beautiful Widgets widgets. They all work just fine. So Eileen you can use SPB if you want to. I do have a big complaint about SPB though; it does exhibit lag at random times and I'm talking about as much as 20 seconds delay to slide between panels or to switch into a different view. I am using a custom ROM on my Galaxy S Captivate so that might be a mitigating factor.

Anyway, I like A cubed (All About Android). Keep up the good work.

Dan Gardner San Antonio, Texas"

I spent a month in Australia and was able to easily use my phone throughout my trip. You can buy a pre-paid SIM card from a local carrier. You can find a list here:

I recommend double checking with each of the local carriers for special deals before your trip. Virgin Mobile AU was having a limited-time special for a free GB of data with a $19 plan during my time in Sydney. For a little over $20 (after taxes/fees) I was able to text and make calls with my Australia friends and use data frequently throughout my whole trip. Because I ported my number to Google Voice I was also able to text and make calls like I was at home (either through my laptop or my mobile with an internet calling hack). I plan to do this every time I leave the country now.

The caveat is that you need to have an unlocked GSM phone (or one of the few ""world"" phones from Sprint/Verizon). I have an unlocked ATT Nexus One so it was easy for me.

Sam Session

Outro Video

SNES controller and an Android


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