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All About Android
Episode 59

All About Android 59: Living In A 16GB World


  • Google infringed on Oracle's Java copyrights: jury
  • A jury has ruled that Google infringed on Oracle’s copyrights in building a new version of the Java platform for its Android mobile operating system, but it was unable to reach a decision on whether this infringement was acceptable under the law. Throughout the trial, Google had tried to poke holes in Oracle’s accusations, saying that the codes were very different from one another — Android has about 15.3 million lines; Oracle’s recent Java version has about 4.7 million — and that they were only similar in their “method signatures,” code that defines the inputs and outputs for part of a computer program. Google also presented e-mail evidence that when it built Dalvik, it went to great lengths to find engineers that wouldn’t be influenced by previous Java programming work. Out of those 15.3 million lines of Android code, Oracle could only accuse Google of copying nine.
  • Google Calls For Mistrial (on incomplete verdict) After Jury Says Android Stole From Java
  • Jury Delivers Partial Verdict in Oracle v. Google Java Showdown
  • In other words. Yes, Oracle proved that Google infringed on copyright of Java APIs. Was it OK for Google to do so since Java APIs are open and free to the developer community? The jury had no answer to that.
San Francisco jury issued a verdict today that the company broke copyright laws when it used Java APIs to design the system and when it copied 9 lines of code. Google was not found guilty of infringing by copying software documentation.
Jury could not reach decision on whether Google had a valid "fair use" defense
Google has asked for a mistrial based on the incomplete verdict, and that issue will be briefed later this week.
Judge Alsup has yet to rule whether APIs are in fact protectable by copyright
Tyler Ochoa, a professor of copyright law at Santa Clara University quoted by Ars Technica: "Other people will be deterred from using Java as the basis for some non-standard thing in the future. It could be the case that Oracle wins the battle and loses the war."
Wired quotes George Reese, Chief Technology Officer with cloud management services firm enStratus Networks, tells Wired Enterprise: “If APIs can be copy-protected, that would be incredibly destructive to the internet as a whole for so many different reasons,” Reese said. “But with respect to cloud, in particular, it would put any company that has implemented the Amazon APIs at risk unless they have some kind of agreement with Amazon on those APIs.”
now considering Oracle's allegations that Google has infringed two Java-related patents. witnesses will begin testifying tomorrow, possibly including a repeat show by Jonathan Schwartz, the ex-Sun CEO. The patent phase is expected to be concluded in as little as one week.
Free Beer and wine/Sony will showcase new hardware
give-aways! raffle ticket as you entire the door


4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen, 8-mpxl camera on back (1.9 on front), 2100 mAh battery
16 and 32 GB version first, 64 GB later, Quad-core Exynos processor
8.6mm thin 133 grams weight, Colors: Pebble Blue and Marble White
Recognises eye movement and stays on while looking at it, gesture and facial recognition as well
Pauses for calls, Adjusts volume based on ambient noise
S-Voice - voice recognition
S-Beam - The ability to shoot files wirelessly through a combination of NFC and WiFi
50 GB free dropbox storage
C Pen stylus, AllShare streaming hub
Early exclusive on Flipboard for Android
Sources say coming to Sprint
Available starting in Europe May 29, with other markets to follow, LTE and HSPA+ versions of the product to arrive in the U.S., Japan and Korea this summer.



Loyal listener though I am mainly an Apple fan zombie. This may have changed. MicroCenter had a refurb Acer Icona A100 8GB for $199. I bought it and now in love. It's roughly the size of a Kindle but it has a really good hardware line up. Think I may have just wasted $700+ on the new iPad after using this. Factory sent with Honeycomb BUT when I updated the software a couple of times, suddenly I'm greeted with Ice Cream Sandwich! So basically it's a $200 ICS tablet that can compete with Kindle and Nook.

I'm in love with it.

James R Independence, Missouri

I am a heavy android user and have been for some time but I need some advice on the Google TV.

I just got one from a friend and want to replace my Roku(s) with it. The only issue is HBO Go and Hulu+. I just wanted to see what you guys are seeing people do with this.

I know I can use the websites but that hamstrings the user experience so much that my wife would kill me.

The Google TV is the only device that I've not root'ed so I'm interested in the AAA cast and listeners opinions on rooting the GTV.

Is it worth it?

Thanks and really love the show. Hands down my favorite Android podcast.

Android Arena!


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