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All About Android
Episode 80

All About Android (80): (It's Not Atooma)



RUMORS - the segment!



Hi Team triple A,

After nearly pulling the trigger on buying an iPad, being an apple fanboy, i balked at the price of the device and looked more closely at the Nexus 7. I have really been excited by Android since Jelly Bean being released and want to jump into the platform. The Nexus 7 looks amazing and being a google apps user is a no brainer. I'm also finding IOS a little bit stale and find that Google has really jumped ahead of Apple in terms of software. There is no doubting that Apple make the best hardware on the market though. My question is with these rumors of new Nexus phones being announced along with a new Nexus 7 32gb model should i wait or pull the trigger now on the 16gb model? Note that i have an iPhone 4S 16gb model and because of the cloud i do not fill the 16gb up.

Patrick Quirke, Louisville Kentucky via England

Jason had a weekend fling with the Samsung Galaxy S3




Long story made short: Motorola joined the Android Upgrade Alliance last year promising to keep newly released devices updated for 18 months after release. This included the Photon 4G, Electrify and Atrix 4G. All three devices released last year and fell well under the 18 month upgrade promise of the alliance. Motorola has said that each of these would at the very least get an upgrade to ICS.

Flash forward to a week ago, when Motorola Mobility changed the upgrade announcement for these three devices from "Q3" to "not happening." Particularly in the case of the Photon 4G, it released with GB and it will end with GB. Not cool!



Re: re-rating apps

While listening to your most recent episode of AAA and your discussion of app ratings, and I can't help but wonder if there is a better way to handle this from the Google side. What if app reviews were broken up by device by default (have a toggle to show overall vs ratings for your particular device)? If, as a person buying an app, I can see that everybody buying the app who has my device has given it a 5 star review, that is much more persuasive than just the general list of all users who may or may not be running my device ranting about how terrible the app performs on their 3 year old mytouch. If the overall score has been low, but the score for my device is pretty high, I might be more likely to give the app a chance to stand on its own merits. Just my $0.02.

Thanks! Love the show! Listener since the show was in beta (I've been following Jason since he started on BOL).

-Ryan from Boise

The best way to get people to return and re-rate, or change their review after an improvement is to weight newer results more. If your one star (or five star) review becomes worthless over time you may come back to update it, even if you keep the same rate. This also would keep people viewing an accurate current rating of the app, not an old rating.

Jerod Lycett




Open Garden has accomplished something I've been trying to do for a while (get around ATT's tethering restrictions... seriously, $20 more a month?). Love it. Also, download the apk by visiting open garden in a browser directly. ATT restricts the download directly via Play Store.

From Corymills

Android Arena!



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