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All About Android
Episode 81

All About Android (Slide It In): (81)

Hardware Part One



I just listened to episode 80 and you mentioned the removal of future upgrades on Photon 4G. Well, I have followed the scene closely at XDA regarding the custom ROMs. The problem here is that installing ROMs that use a different kernel than the manufacturer's official ROM requires the bootloader to be unlocked. The problem with the current stage of unlocking the bootloader on the Photon 4G is that you can do it but at the cost of 4G connectivity. Meaning installing CM9(ICS) or CM10(JB) will resulting in the loss of WiMax. More or less think of it as Photon 3G. So it's actually more accurate to say there is no Photon 4G ICS or JB mod. So Motorola breaking the promise is not only affecting normal people and not everyone in the know. Because that is not true. Everyone in the scene is affected too, as we will never have the update officially or unofficially.

Hardware Part Two


Game controllers!




Hey AAA Team, I wasn't sure if you knew about this or not, but you can filter the reviews in the Google Play Store. If you select "Read All User Reviews" it will list all reviews with filters for the app version as well as filtering by the devices you own. You can then sort those results by helpfulness, rating, or newness. This is really helpful to see what people are saying about how an app works on your specific device. I use this often before downloading an app for my Nexus 7. I really enjoy the show! Keep up the great work!

LaRosa Johnson





Hi Jason,

Since Tapestry had its coming out party on All About Android a few months ago, we’ve received some tremendous feedback from users about our application, many of which came from the astute Android connoisseurs that hail from your show. One of the biggest theme that resonated through the comments was “This is so cool…I wish more devices supported your app!”. We heard that message loud and clear, and today, we are announcing Tapestry v2.0, which will allow users who have Gingerbread and above to participate in Tapestry’s photo show-and-tell. Instead of using WiFi Direct, which is available only on Jelly Bean, we optimized the experience to run over WAN/LAN (3G/4G/WiFi AP’s), while still maintaining the same user experience and feature set.

If you wanted to try out Tapestry before but didn’t have a Jelly Bean device, now you can! Go to Google Play and search for Tapestry App, or go to our website at to get more information.

We hope you enjoy the app, and have many meaningful story-telling sessions with friends and family using Tapestry.

Best, Allen

Android Arena!


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