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All About Android
Episode 84

All About Android (84): (Are You Punching Ron?)

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Apple took Motorola and by extension Google to court claiming that Moto was being unfair in how it was licensing some of its standard-essential wireless patents. Apple would only go through with the hearing if the court could impose a maximum of $1 per iPhone if they were to lose. The case was dismissed "with prejudice" this morning by Judge Barbara Crabb and is over at the trial court level, with a likely appeal by Apple to follow. People keeping score see this as a big blow against Apple. I really doubt this changes anything.



I hope you guys can answer my desperate call! I cannot believe after 4 years of using smart phones that a function on my old dumb Motorola e816 flip phone has gone missing in these fancy devices. I used to be able to record a personal memo with one simple button while I was on a call. Why is this missing from my Droid X? I understand this is so with all Android and IOS. Why!!!??? It would be very important to be able to record a reminder note again while driving as a caller is supplying some important instructions on the other end of a call.

Help!! Marco

Jason Appelbaum: Hey, the only way to record a call is Google Voice. There is a technical limitation for recording a call not a privacy one plain and simple. The call audio is not routed through the OS. It's done at a hardware level.]





VOICEMAIL: Michael with a couple of points about last week's episode



4.2 Goodness


Jason shows off PhotoSphere, new Gallery, new Clock, new keyboard.



Hi All About Android Team! Unfortunately, not a long time listener as I only discovered your show about 2 months ago. But I liked them so much, I started going back and listening to older episodes during the week. That’s when I came across All About Android 72 when you read an email from Rami regarding his AppFeed website for tracking Android apps. As you guys suggested, an Android developer should contact him and get an Android version out there.

I sent Rami an email that night, and to my great surprise, no one had even contacted him. I talked with Rami about an Android version, but he’s been too busy on other projects to work on an Android version. I really liked the idea of an Android version, so here it is! AppWatch

An additional "use case" that I didn't list in the app description might be for hosts of Android shows who might find it a convenient way to keep track of apps they want to review later... like maybe for a contest or something. (I'm sure this is a common use case so I really should update the market description.)

Any comments or suggestions welcome! -Rick

Android Arena!


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