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All About Android
Episode 90

All About Android (90): (I Am the Walrus)



- No injunction as Apple wasn't able to prove infringement has caused irreparable harm. - has not "established that either the ’915 or the ’163 patents actually drive sales of any Samsung products. " - Koh was sympathetic to the "trade dress" claim but none of the products are ont he market anymore - Apple will likely ask for injunction on appeal, but not likely Separate order: No retrial over jury foreman Velvuin Hogan - Not clear that Hogan intentionally concealed or even knew of a relationship between Seagate and Samsung - Pointe dout Samsung didn't inquire much about Seagate during jury selection

Judge Koh still must issue a ruling on damages.

Best of Android 2012



Nexus 7

Later, the Nexus family (4, 7, 10)


Android/iOS app parity - there yet?

Play store rebranding - successful?



A new report from Taiwan Economic News points to Foxconn manufacturing the as-yet-rumored Amazon Android phone mid-2013. The device is said to hit the $100-200 price range when it releases. No word whether that is to be the unsubsidized price or not.

- Taiwan Economic News says that Amazon has ordered 5 million handsets from Foxconn - The Amazon phone would launch in Q2 or Q3 of 2013 and cost $100 to $200 at launch - Back in July, Bloomberg reported Amazon was planning a smartphone



Hey Jason, Ron, & Chad.

I just listened to episode 89 were you discussed the Nabi 2.

After getting them (two Nabi2's) home and playing around with them, I was impressed! The kid ui is locked down nicely and pretty snappy when playing some of the preloaded games, ie angry birds . The camera was a little weak,but adequate for a Skype session. But best of all, after putting in a password for "daddy mode" it unlocks the limited ui and turns into a regular android tablet. My only challenge now is figure out how to load the play store. They removed it and replaced it with the Nabi app store. But being a fan of rooting & romming my other Android devices, I should be able to figure it out. Additionally, I was impressed with the bumper case and the robustness of the tablet with case removed. I think my parents are going to out do Santa this year. :-)


P.S. I turned my little cousin on to ( 'cause he is addicted to minecraft) and his is a regular viewer of the show ::thumbs up to chad.

Breaking News


Brian Brushwood and Bonnie Brushwood add a new member to their family. Happy Family pic



Android Arena!




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