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All About Android
Episode 94

All About Android (94): (Nothing on the Vine)



59% of all Android tablet usage came from the U.S., with over half of that attributed to Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets, working out to a 33% share. The numbers are based on usage of apps with Localytics analysis and marketing data installed on them. Localytics says that in total there are 500 million+ unique devices running that software.
Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS accounted for a record 92 per cent of global smartphone shipments in Q4 last year Strategy Analytics estimates that 152.1 million Android smartphones were shipped globally in the quarter, nearly double the amount shipped in the year ago quarter (80.6 million) — taking Android’s global smartphone share from 51 per cent at the end of 2011 to 70 per cent at the end of 2012.
Polish-based specialist in voice technologies that competes with Nuance and is already used in the Kindle Fire for services covering text-to-speech, voice commands and “Explore by Touch.”



Hi guys. Halfway through watching episode 93 of all about android right at the point you mention xbmc (which I work on). And feel the need to point out the build you mentioned was not actually released by team xbmc but was a hacked up version done by a third party web site to use an external player for all the media. In this case mxplayer.

Team xbmc does have some proper builds with in built hardware decoding for videos in testing currently. And if you also follow cyanogenmod on Google plus you will see that they also have these proper builds working on the nexus q as well with cm 10.1 playing back videos nicely like you mentioned you might like too try.

So while we are not quite ready for full public deployment on android and in the play store yet we are getting closer. Best too take your time and do things properly than rush out rubbish

Thanks for reading Jezz_X





Android Arena!



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