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All About Android
Episode 95

All About Android (95): (...But Does It Run on Donut?)



1. GB - 45.6% 2. ICS - 29% (down .1%) 3. JB - 13.6% (up 3.6%) Difference b/w ICS and JB changes could be attributed to more devices launching with JB. Also, faster upgrades.
IBTimes notes: According to our inside sources at the company, who asked not to be named, Google employees with Nexus devices, including the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, all have an opportunity to test out Android 4.2.2. They’ve been using their mobile devices normally, including trying out popular apps, but no one has really found any major changes to the user experience.
Alexandre Julliard, project lead for Wine, showed a demo of Wine on Android - That would allow Windows applications to run on Android - This is just the beginning of the Wine on Android project - Performance was "horrendously slow" according to, but performance problems were attributed to running Android itself in an emulator



HTC CEO Peter Chou briefly revealed the long-rumored M7 phone at the company's year end party, giving folks the first official glimpse at the anticipated device. Sources have told Pocket-Lint that the M7 will not sport a 13MP camera as previously believed, but rather brand new camera hardware made up of three 4.3MP sensor layers for a single image. Three lots of data combine into one single pixel throughout the image, resulting in cleaner, more accurate pictures. Further, it's being touted as a Ultrapixel sensor as opposed to using familiar Megapixel terms.
On Monday, HTC reported disappointing outlook for first quarter revenue, reporting flat to 17 percent lower than analyst forecasts.
Preorders start today for the Ouya Android-based gaming system. available for $99.99. An extra controller for $49.99. Retail availability in June. Retailers include GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon.



Amazon launches new ‘Coins’ virtual currency for Kindle Fire app purchases, coming to the US in May

Amazon Coins, virtual currency allowing Kindle Fire owners to make app purchases on the tablet. Available in May in the US to begin with. One Amazon coin = 1 cent.
Instant mixes continue playing beyond 25 songs. * Added ability to shuffle an album, artist or playlist. * New default album art. * Previous button added to widget. * Pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages. * Fix for the Galaxy S3 freezing issue.



Hey AAA crew, I'm a big fan of the show and really love the addition of Gina.

I am a high school teacher and I have a grade book app idea that I would like to turn into a reality...but I don't know a thing about programming. So I am looking to you guys for the best resources I can use to get started.

I've started with the Android developers tutorials but feel like those assume some prior knowledge, while I am looking for a lot more hand-holding.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Ryan Mudry

Android Arena!



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