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Fans of TWiT are welcome to create their own apps to support TWiT on any platform they desire. We've put together this document to help convey basic branding and functionality requirements.

If your app meets the following guidelines, follow the instructions at the end to let us know! We'll feature your app on our site. Apps that do not follow these guidelines will not be featured.


App Naming

To reduce app confusion, please do not name your app with just "TWiT". Also, do not use the same name used by another app. (Existing apps that are using the name "TWiT" or have the same name as another app are considered grandfathered in.)

TWiT Brand Name

The TWiT brand name is "TWiT" with capital "TW", lowercase "i", and capital "T".

The full name of the company is "TWiT, LLC". Most people refer to us as "TWiT". "" is the name of the web site and should not be used to refer to the network.

TWiT® and the TWiT logo are registered trademarks of Leo Laporte.

Our netcasts are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license. That means you are allowed to take them, remix them, reuse them, share them, or re-purpose them however you like, provided you give credit to TWiT, share your version in the same way, and do not use them for commercial purposes.

Your app should clearly state that it was developed by you or your company. Do not imply that it was designed by, created by, produced by, or partnered with TWiT in any way. Do not use the word "official" in describing your app.


  • TWiT
  • TWiT LLC
  • TWiT Network
  • The TWiT Netcast Network
  • (referring to the web site only)

Do Not:

  • twit
  • Twit
  • TwiT
  • TWIT
  • TWiTtv
  • TWiT TV
  • TWiT Podcast Network

The TWiT logo is a modified "AND gate" turned on its side. This is often referred to as "the bug".

If you need the logo, we have this high-resolution copy available in Adobe Illustrator format. Please use this version of the logo. The old version of the logo with the inner ring, rounded feet on the bug, lighter blue, and "futuristic" font was discontinued in 2011 and should not be used any longer.

TWiT Logo.svg.png

Do Not:
Old twit logo.jpeg

You're welcome to separate the bug from the blue background.

You may also display it in all black or all white. (If you make the bug white, don't leave the red dot as red and do not leave it on the blue background.)

Do not otherwise change the colors, add filters, add gradients, squish or stretch, rotate, animate, anthropomorphize, or otherwise modify the logo.

If using the TWiT text, please center the text below the bug or use the text centered to the right of the bug.


TWiT's official logo colors in RGB are:

  • Black - #231F20
  • Blue - #34AAD2
  • Red - #DD1F25

Show Art

All of our show artwork can be found on the Cover Art page.

Other than re-sizing the image, you should never modify our show artwork in any way without permission from TWiT.

When representing the show as a whole, use the "show" art without "Audio" or "Video" text. If you are referencing a specific audio or video feed, please use the appropriate art for that feed. Never use art for a specific feed unless you are referring to that specific feed. For example, do not use the "Audio" art when referencing a video feed.

Show artwork may change over time. Going forward, TWiT will try to keep all the show art in the same location so that anyone linking to our copies will automatically be able to get the updated version.

Show Information

Occasionally, but rarely, our shows get renamed. (The Giz Wiz, The Social Hour, and TWiT Live Specials are examples.) Try to keep the show titles up to date. If you are referencing our current shows based on our OPML Feeds, this shouldn't be an issue.

If you want to provide access to retired shows as part of an archive, that's fine as long as you make it clear that those shows are retired and do not mix them in with active shows. (If you mix them together, it could easily confuse users who may think your app or TWiT's feeds are "broken" since they're not getting new episodes.)

Do not create new abbreviations for our shows. For example, even though we may use a "tn2n" slug for Tech News 2Night, the show should always be referred to as "Tech News 2Night" or "TN2". Never list it as "TN2N" or "Tech News Tonight". Also, if you're using the full show name, there is no need to use the abbreviation too. (For example, the show is called "Tech News Today", not "TNT: Tech News Today".)

Similarly, capitalization matters. We no longer capitalize show titles by capitalizing alternating words (such as "this WEEK in SHOWTITLES"), so use the current capitalization and any punctuation (like "..." or "!") included in the titles.

Also, pay attention to spacing. "MacBreak Weekly" is two words (with 3 capital letters) and "Ham Nation" is two words. "OMGcraft" is only one word.


Do Not:

  • Floss Weekly
  • Tech News 2night
  • Know How
  • OmgCraft
  • Mac Break Weekly

Show Feeds

Stream URLs


You can access the TWiT schedule via Google Calendar:

We recommend using the short URLs. They will be automatically updated if the calendar URL ever changes again.

Rerun Schedule

A rerun schedule (in ics format) is currently in the works. Since the rerun playlist changes unexpectedly, it will only be available while reruns are actually playing. It will reflect the current rerun playlist in VLC and display accurate start and end times for each episode in the playlist. Once this is complete, more information will be posted here.

App Updates

You are expected to keep your app up-to-date. If there has not been any update within a year, it will be dropped from our featured app list. If it does not reflect the creation of a new show (or major change to the show's name, description, or album art) within one month, we will consider dropping it from our featured app list.


If you release an app that uses our content, you are welcome to charge for it. You worked hard to create it and deserve to get paid for your time.

There is no fee to become a registered TWiT app developer. TWiT will not pay you to develop an app.

Application Process

Once your app is public, fill out our App Developer Application Form. If you charge for your app and want to provide a free promo code, that'd be much appreciated!

Patrick Delahanty will review the app with other TWiT staff and determine if it meets our guidelines. If so, it will be added to our list of featured apps on a "How to Watch TWiT" page on (This page is coming VERY SOON.) If you want feedback before your app is public, that's okay too...but we won't link to it on our site until you tell us it's live.

We also maintain a mailing list of TWiT app developers. By applying, we'll add you to our list so that we can keep you informed of changes you may need to be aware of like new shows, modified album art, or changes to our live streams.

Additional Information

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