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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 101


Scott Ullrich

Scott has been working with the BSD's since 1995, and is an active contributor to several BSD-related projects. He has been using BSD firewalls since 1995. He is a FreeSBIE committer, and a DragonFly BSD committer, working mainly on the BSD Installer. He co-founded the FreeBSD-based firewall distribution pfSense in 2004. By day, he is the IT Manager for an advertising agency.

Chris Buechler

Chris started in the *nix world with Linux in 1997, but switched to BSD in 2000 and has never looked back. While not a heavy contributor as a programmer, he is a significant contributor to several BSD-related open source projects in the areas of system and network administration, documentation, contributions to mailing lists and more. As a co-founder of BSD Perimeter LLC, as well as an independent consultant, Chris provides network and security related services to a worldwide client base. He is also the co-founder of the pfSense FreeBSD-based firewall distribution.


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