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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 112


Carlos Puchol


Amahi started as a simple idea to provide an easy way to manage a small server and network like the ones we have at home. It grew out of the need to scratch our own itch.

So, we decided to implement our system as an Open Source project built on Ruby on Rails and on top of the more popular Linux distributions. We chose Fedora first and we'd like to support Ubuntu in the future.

Amahi was born out of of a desire for a simple, modular personal server that would be easy to manage and also easy to use for our family, who are not what you would call sophisticated users.

External Links

Here is a short demo video of the installation of Gallery with the one-click installer (a bit old, but still valid):

Screenshots from Amahi 5.0:

Applications available as one-click:

By category (categories are somewhat out of shape):
Home/Home office:
Small Business:
Education/School oriented:
Rest of apps released "live"

Huge list of apps in Beta testing right now:

Amahi Tour:

Questions from the audience


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