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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 116


James Snyder

James Snyder is currently a Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) graduate student in the Biomedical Engineering department pursuing a PhD. His interests include microcontrollers, dynamic languages, robotics, photography, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. As such, you would most likely find him hunched over a bench hacking code or soldering, but every once in a while you might find him walking on glaciers, exploring slot canyons, or hiking in the mountains.

When James began working with microcontrollers 3-4 years ago, he was both excited by the these cheap, ubiquitous programmable devices and frustrated by the development model that they presented. Beginning around January of 2009, he stumbled upon a project called "eLua, " which combined two very powerful components: a full dynamic language (Lua) and microcontrollers. Since that time he has contributed new ports as well as new core components (including remote procedure call and peripheral control modules), and has recently been elected to the eLua board to help plan and guide the project's future.

In addition to eLua James has contributed patches to, or worked on, various open source projects including PyOpenCL, LuaRPC (separate module that works with standard Lua), a firmware loader for STM32 (32-bit microcontroller), and he also tends to make available any potentially useful tools he has written under permissive licenses.


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