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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 118


Shawn Pearce is an active contributor to the Git version control system. Shawn has contributed to Git since early 2006, and is now the 2nd ranked contributor of all time, eclipsing even Git creator Linus Torvalds in commit volume. Shawn's major contributions to Git have included git gui, a Tk based user interface, git fast-import, a key tool for conversion from foreign systems, the new, efficient smart HTTP network protocol, and many other low-level storage and network improvements.

In early 2006 Shawn also founded the JGit project, creating a 100% pure Java implementation of Git. JGit can now be found embedded in EGit, the Eclipse plugin for Git, and many other open source and commercial software.

In 2008 Shawn joined Google, and started Gerrit Code Review, an open-source peer code review system for Git.


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