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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 120


  • Ryan Leavengood

Ryan Leavengood has been involved in the Haiku project since 2003. During that time he has worked as a developer on various areas of the project, such as the app_server, the ShowImage image viewer, various preference applications and screensavers. He has also designed several of the Haiku icons. Besides being a developer, Ryan has also been actively involved with Haiku, Inc, a non-profit created to help support the Haiku project. Ryan is a member of the board and also Treasurer, accountant and bookkeeper for Haiku, Inc. Besides his interest in Haiku, Ryan has been a long-time Ruby developer, first learning the language in 2001. He spoke at the first international Ruby conference, RubyConf 2001, presenting his RubyGems prototype for managing Ruby libraries. While that prototype did not develop any further, the name was used again for a new RubyGems system in 2003, which is still in use today as the primary means of distributing Ruby libraries. Ryan currently makes a living as a Ruby on Rails consultant.

  • Niels Sascha Reedijk

Niels Sascha Reedijk is currently a student in the research master in media studies in the humanities department of the university of Amsterdam. He is currently writing a paper on the discursive formation of bodies on online sex dating websites.

In the past he has contributed to the Dutch translation effort of the KDE project, before moving on to an operating system that probably has a bigger chance of succeeding on the desktop. He has worked on several parts of the Haiku project and is now mainly working as a systems administrator of Haiku's web infrastructure. He has recently presented a paper with the title 'Haiku has No Future,' in which a different vision on futurity for open source software is argued through employing queer theory to analyze the role of software.


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