FLOSS Weekly 122

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 122



- Introduced to UNIX in about 1980, via my grandfather who worked at Bell Labs

- Been using free software since about 1990, when I built an early GCC to play with C++

- Switched to using only free software in about 1995 (skype will be deleted off my laptop at the end of this interview)

- Involved with the Linux kernel community for about 15 years

- Been hacking free software for a living for about 12 years

- Helped organize several kernel summits, founding member of the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board

- Founding member of the Twin Cities Hack Factory (tcmaker.org), a maker/hacker community space

- Founder and president of Compassionate Action for Animals (exploreveg.org), a non-profit which runs entirely on free software


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