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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 261

What is Kaltura?

Started in June 2006, Kaltura is a software company focused on video solutions. It is also the world’s most robust Open Source Video Platform. We aim to create technology that transforms the way people work, learn, and entertain using video. We’re great believes in video being a key communication platform today and in the future, and that the ways we’ll consume and create videos will evolve significantly in the next decade. We built Kaltura to be the pipeline, the tools you need to not worry about handling video online.

Kaltura is being actively used across the globe for many different industries and use cases, but most notably with Media & Entertainment companies, Enterprises and Education organizations. Kaltura is used to deliver hundreds of millions of streams every month, globally. It provides media companies advanced video management, publishing, and monetization tools that increase their reach and monetization and simplify their video operations. It improves productivity and interaction among millions of employees by providing enterprises powerful online video tools for boosting internal knowledge sharing, training, and collaboration, and for more effective marketing. And offers next generation learning for millions of students and teachers by providing educational institutions new and innovative online video solutions for improved teaching, learning, and increased engagement across campuses and beyond.

Kaltura was recently recognized in Forbes as ‘one of the six fastest growing tech companies’, in VentureBeat as a ‘Next Billion Dollar Enterprise Tech Company’, in Business-Insider as ‘one of top 5 startups revolutionizing education’ and ‘one of 5 greatest open-source technologies for 2012’, and in Mashable as ‘one of top 5 social enterprise technologies for business’.

Where can I get Kaltura or learn more?

How can I participate and join the community?

Who is using Kaltura? (As of Aug, 2013)

On the hosted service, Kaltura.com, we host around 400,000 publishers (commercial and open source users). With self hosted versions of Kaltura, it’s a free and open source project, though we don’t have exact numbers, according to community surveys, forum traffic and packaged downloads we estimate close to 100,000 installations. To name a few users of Kaltura CE; http://www.minds.com/ , http://ctbto.org/ , http://www.sussex.ac.uk/ , http://www.concerts.com/ , http://iowacentral.edu/ , http://unige.ch/ , http://www.hull-college.ac.uk/ , http://www.northwestern.edu , http://www.spinmedia.com/ , http://www.argonauta.org/ , http://www.rasmussen.edu/ , http://www.eurotvguild.com/ , http://www.nwculaw.edu/ , http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/ and http://pitp.ca/ . Users of Kaltura's commercial editions include many medium to large scale companies from Broadcast Media, Publishing, Higher Education Institutions, High Tech companies, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Financial Institutions, including Enterprises such Intel, SAP, AT&T, Bank of America, ABC and Disney, HBO, CBS, TMZ on the Media industry and many universities including Harvard, Cornell, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, and Ed-Tech and publishers such Pearson, Laureate Education and Infobase Learning. Watch some of Kaltura's customer videos at: Customers Sharing Their Kaltura Experience , The Kaltura Video Summit and Kaltura's Video Portal .

Some exciting news we’d like to share

Kaltura Connect, the annual Kaltura conference is approaching: it will happen on Sept 30 - Oct 1st in Chelsea Piers, NYC. In its 3rd year, Kaltura Connect brings together thought leaders and technologists for two days packed with great content and networking opportunities. With over 40 sessions, panels and roundtables from industry thought leaders and cutting edge technology experts, we’ll cover everything video - hot trends such as social video, video marketing, mobile & HTML5, MOOCs, webcasting and OTT, as well as important content strategies to keep your users engaged and maximize revenue. This is the place to meet and discuss building web video experiences and shaping the future of web video. Kaltura Connect brings together many decision makers as well as developers and techies. It's an amazing vibe and mix of creatives, makers and visionaries. register at http://connect.kaltura.com - FLOSSWeekLY13FREEz promo code will give the first 5 users a free ticket! and FLOSSWeekLY13 for a special FLOSS Weekly listeners $200 discount!!

What projects is Kaltura consist of?

Being a media management platform is a complex task, you don’t need to be a genius to handle it, but it consists of so many different components that get frequently changed by market forces and user-expectations, which makes it into a complex system to maintain. Kaltura has a modular architecture: There’s the server, PHP based, which handles all of the backend tasks, from file management, to transcoding to metadata and distribution. Then there’s the server REST API, which provides a friction-less integration point between front applications and the Kaltura server. Every object, service and method the server is capable of are being exposed through the api (dubbed api_v3), with the API the server also generates client libraries in native programming languages such PHP, C#, Java, Python and more and applications call the API using these client libraries to perform actions on Kaltura without having to construct complex http calls. Kaltura comes with several widgets and applications already bundled in, including a media player (that supports both Flash and HTML5), a content management console (dubbed KMC) and backend administration console (dubbed Admin Console). When we first wrote Kaltura’s API architecture back in 2007, using REST APIs wasn’t all-too ‘popular as it is today, it was quite novel to build a backend system that promotes such high level of flexibility alongside fantastic backward compatibility (there are 3rd party apps running against new Kaltura servers from 2008!).

A bit about Kaltura and Wikipedia

Read more at - http://blog.kaltura.org/kaltura-google-bring-enhanced-video-support-to-wikipedia

When Kaltura first started, we wanted to make video a first-class citizen of the web, much like text is for wikipedia, we wanted to provide the right tools and user experience to make video as accessible and editable on the web. The collaboration with wikipedia was born from that vision, bring video into wikipedia and make as easy to find, use and consume as it is with text and images on wikipedia.

Tell us about some integrations with Kaltura and some partners

Browse through Kaltura partners at the Kaltura Exchange - Video Solutions Marketplace. Based on the flexible and friction-less architecture approach, many integrations were built based on the Kaltura API. We’re very proud of our developer and partner eco-system, and the great applications people are building off of it. That’s also a great way for us to drive innovation and explore new features. Because the API is so robust, it is easy to build applications that touch deep in the core of the system, so you can build all sorts of custom workflows, integrations, etc. through the applications that succeed and gain great popularity, we could drive the roadmap and build these new features into core. Which is very important in the fast-developing and innovation driven industry we’re in.