FLOSS Weekly 84

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 84

FLOSS Weekly 84: FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy, the Firefox extension that automatically switches an Internet connection across one or more proxy servers.


Eric Jung with over 17 years of industry experience, is a published author and formally trained computer scientist. He consults for Fortune 500 companies on software architecture, design, and implementation. He sits on the board of directors of mozdev.org. As a Mozilla AddOns Editor, Eric vets AddOns to ensure their safety and security.


Discussion of internet persona Why and his book.

Main topic is FoxyProxy.

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Questions from the audience

  • More of a point than a question - the blacklist in Australia that was discussed is not yet in force. The federal government is in the process of trialling a ISP-enforced blacklist to see how it performs but it's well behind schedule, ludicrously easy to get around, and everyone's hoping that they'll give up on the idea. The previous government had simply offered households a free copy of some NetNanny style software, and of the 20 million odd people in Australia only 30,000 households requested the software. Kinda tells you how much we want censorship. Anyway, it's an interesting show (this was my first) so keep up the good work. Derek (Adelaide, South Australia) (4 September 2009)



Production Information

  • Recorded Date: August 26, 2009
  • Release Date: August 29, 2009
  • Duration: 1:13:37
  • Log line:
  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Guest interview starts at 11:03
    • Used new FCP template
    • Used PGM2
    • Used Ogg Drop X for ogg version