FLOSS Weekly 88

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 88

FLOSS Weekly 88: Linus Torvalds

A chat at LinuxCon with Linus Torvalds, who initiated development of the Linux kernel.


Linus Torvalds


Linus Torvalds is a Finnish software engineer best known for having initiated the development of the Linux kernel. He later became the chief architect of the Linux kernel, and now acts as the project's coordinator.

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Production Information

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  • Edited by: Tony and Erik
  • Notes: Editing was based on three files recorded locally within the same hotel room. Echo, noise, and sync drift necessitated muting Randal for every moment he was not speaking. Tony completed the first 80% and Erik finished and mixed-down/exported.
  • I asked Tony and Erik to go through by hand and improve the recording as much as possible. They spent considerable time but the quality is unfortunately not as good as we would like it, but we have a lot of work on our plate and can't allocate any more time to it. - Dane