FLOSS Weekly 94

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 94



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Questions from the audience

Why have ye omitted the all-important link to the site with the fundraising link? Leo in his inestimable wisdom made sure it got repeated, but now I need to go dig into the soundfile for it. Terribly excellent cause, to fight this garbage that is proprietary Flash.. I've always eschewed cookies and especially javascript, but crappily, the net is becoming impossible to navigate without the corporate monstrosities gathering and selling on our eyeball data! Everyone support FSF's campaign to get hosts to get away from Flash! [ok, added two needed links. Too bad I take so long to catch up on podcasts-- lots of folk ought check them links, so if you're reading this, consider doing your bit to publicize 'em!]


Production Information

  • Edited by: Tony
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