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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 104:

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In the freshest episode of Frame Rate you guys mentioned the new YouTube popout player. As a frequent user of the popout-ness I HATE THIS NEW PLAYER:

1. It's the YouTube TV interface (also known as Leanback), which has some bad UI for computer users (needing to use arrow keys to navigate menus, not working in IE due to it using HTML5 video *cough*Jason*cough*)

2. IT HAS LESS FEATURES. The seek bar doesn't work so the only way to move in video is to use the buttons which moves 10 seconds per click. Also there's no volume slider.

So now I've ended up using the embed player<videoid> instead, which is actually designed for computer usage.

Despite most services mentioned being geoblocked for me, I still find entertainment in your audiovisual production.

Love the show though, t2t2"

Brian, just wanted to thank you for discussing Kora on the show with so much passion. I had not watched any of the Avatar shows and thought it might be great to watch with my 7 year daughter since she loves Star Wars and similar cartoons.

We started watching on Amazon prime and are blowing through the episodes. We both love Avatar and can't wait to catch up to Kora.

Side note, we are cord cutters and, using xbmc with the free cable plug in, watch all the current Cartoon Network shows as they come out. This is great for keeping up with The Clone Wars, Adventure Time, and The Regular Show, all weekly staples when we aren't watching Avatar.


Now, on to what prompted me to actually write in. I've recently encountered a problem that I never even considered when deciding to cut the cord. Where do you go to find all the holiday programming that seemed impossible to escape when I lived on cable?

I find scattered movies and of course, with HuluPlus, it's a given that ongoing shows will have Christmas themed episodes soon enough, but if you try to actively search for Christmas movies -- it becomes surprisingly difficult. HuluPlus and some other Roku channels offer up some titles, but the only one that I've noticed with any organization of christmas titles was the CineMagic channel. Likewise, Roku added a search feature, so you can enter a single search rather than searching Crackle, VUDU, Amazon Instant Video, HuluPlus and Netflix separately -- however, any searches here or directly in Crackle or HuluPlus apps only match against the title -- there doesn't seem to be a way to search descriptions or tags. I'm a bit surprised, that at least the major players don't have a list of themed titles tagged away in an easy to access area.

So, thus in an effort to satisfy the family's cravings for all things Christmas -- I'm wondering what search tips or wonderful areas of the net you could recommend to find such a list?

Thanks in advance, Robert

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