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Frame Rate
Episode 107


Frame Rate 107:

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Hey guys love the show! I noticed watching Netflix today that there were preroll ads for house of cards before the show I was watching started. I thought it might be interesting topic of conversation on Frame Rate."


I've got one of those little ethical/moral/legal situations for you:

I've been using Amazon's DVD trade-in service to clear out my massive collection of unwatched movies for a small pittance of store credit. In the rare occasion when I have ripped a copy to my computer, I will even delete the ripped copy because I no longer own that product. Simple enough, and no shadiness grey area there.

But now I'm modernizing. I often buy Blu-Ray discs with included iTunes and/or UltraViolet copies. Is it ethical/moral/legal to keep a digital copy and re-sell the physical media?

Even if I no longer want the movie and delete the copy on my hard drive, it is still authorized to my iTunes account and I always have access to re-download and watch it. Likewise, I believe, with UV. I'm not intentionally trying to game the system by keeping a copy after transferring ownership of the physical media. And the redemption code can't be re-redeemed by anybody else, so it's not like we're defrauding the production company by claiming it multiple times in multiple households.

In some purchases, I pay more for the version with a digital copy than I would have for disc only. So in that case, I feel slightly justified in keeping the digital copy. But that doesn't always happen and is becoming less common as the bundled digital copies become the norm.

At this point, I've kept them all but my shelves are getting stuffed again. Am I stuck with these discs for the perpetuity of my existence? Can I (ideally) sell the discs and throw away the redemption codes since they no longer have any real use or value? Should I sell the discs and keep the little slips of paper with the redemption codes as a proof of ownership?

Thanks! Love the show < >


Being someone that has not gotten on the Breaking Bad train I feel that Seth Macfarlane hit the nail on the head last night on Family Guy. Family Guy Breaking Bad (and The Wire) I'm waiting for it to end so i can do one large meth induced binge of the show.


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