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Frame Rate 115:


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I may be alone, but I want Cablevision to lose its lawsuit against Viacom. People want a la carte cable because they feel it will be cheaper, well it won't be. HBO cost about $20, and compared to larger channels like ESPN, AMC, and History Channel, it has low ratings. I figure a la carte cable channels would cost $10-$25 per channel. Because the content creators are going to have to make up for their subscriber and advertising fees on channels that don't make it, prices could be $10-$25 dollars per channel. So if your family wants ESPN, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, and AMC, you are paying introductory cable prices for 4 channels. And these prices will jump when they kill of another channel.

Remember when people didn't want to pay for minutes for their cell phones? Well we got our wish and got to pay for texting. And when we didn't want to pay for text messages, we got the ""privilege"" to pay for data. I don't think there is a natural way to escape heavy fees in high demand, low competition businesses.


Was just watching episode 114, love the show by the way, and I had a comment on the HitBliss portion that you were talking about. What if in addition to either watching the ads to build up money to watch shows or just plain out purchase the content, you linked your accounts with Amazon, Google Shopping, or even brick and mortar stores, Target, Walmart, etc. By going to these stores online or on the ground, companies would be able to see real world purchasing. I mean we are already selling our information to get things for free anyway. If I want to watch the newest episode of Community and instead of watching a commercial for Pizza Hut, I could just order a pizza and get the next 3 episodes for free(but not really free) wouldn't that be a better option. The customer gets the content, the advertisers get real world numbers on what we are purchasing. Win win. Let me know what you think. Later,


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