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Frame Rate
Episode 127


Frame Rate 127:

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Last episode you spoiled a part of the movie Star trek into darkness, this was annoying to me because the movie HASN'T PREMIERED HERE YET! (furious) My point is, you shouldn't spoil anything until the whole world has a chance to see it.


I was just watching a gentle walkthough for a game (Dreamfall: Longest Journey) and an advert for Saints Row 4 came on, which is 18 rated in the UK (R rated for you guys).

Do you know what Google's policy on adverts is? Is it really appropriate to have 18 rated adverts on YouTube? I had moderate filtering on my device.

I don't tend to leave my child in front of YouTube but seeing as you can't skip adverts, this one was using an F word within a few seconds.

Not cool Google.


It looks like Viacom moved their stuff out of Netflix's apartment and into Amazon's.

The only way this affects me is that my favorite show of all time, Avatar the Last Airbender, is now on Amazon instead of Netflix.

I know it's usually the nerd rage reaction to hate change, but there's really nothing good about this from a consumer point of view. I'm a Netflix and Prime member, but I never watch anything on Prime. I don't watch long-form video on my desktop or laptop, and Amazon Prime Instant Video simply has an awful interface everywhere I've used it. The Tivo UI pretty much lists every video in their collection alphabetically, the Google TV UI basically just opens a browser to their web page, and Amazon simply doesn't have an Instant Video app for Android because they've kept it exclusive for Kindle Fire.

I love that Netflix took the strategy to be on as many devices as possible, and that they constantly strive to improve their viewing experience. For some reason, Amazon simply doesn't seem to care. Is their interface on iOS devices and other products as bad as it is on Tivo or Google TV?

Anyway, sorry to vent to you. This just ticks me off...


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