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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 13

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I've been listening since your open beta and love the show. I watch the podcast every week. I hear you talk about The Venture Bros. and other Adult Swim shows and thought you check out their new app. It's universal and has some full episodes from almost all their shows, including old ones like Harvey Birdman and Sealab. There's not many episodes available yet, but I'm sure streaming licenses will come with time.


Tom, as you know, I live in South-Africa, and thus we only get the tv-series' way after you do. As you might (or might not know), Telltale Games, the guys behind the recent episodic Back to the Future adventure game series, have just announced they've acquired the licence to make a game based on The Walking Dead. As far as I can see, the game will be based on the comic, and not the tv-series. This led me to buy the first compilation of the comic on the Comixology app. Firstly, I have to say, after just reading the first edition: WOW!

My question to you now is, with hindsight of seeing the whole first series: Should I watch the series too? I remember you being very complimentary initially, but the compliments seemed to get fewer near the end. As a whole, is it worth it?



Telltale readying a game based on The Walking Dead.


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