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Frame Rate
Episode 133


Frame Rate 133:

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I wanted to let you know about the HD-Homerun. This is a little box that you plug your antenna into and it streams that signal over your network to your smart phone, tablet, PC, or xbox. It's windows media center compatible and the best feature, you can access 2 streams from 1 antenna *kids watch cartoons in the xbox and I watch the news on my desktop*. There is no internal storage so it saves the episodes right onto the desktop PC or storage device.

At 60 bucks, it's a very cheap and easy solution to have OTA DVR and allow you to watch TV anywhere in your house. It also works with XBMC and the quality is top notch.

love the show and keep up the great work,


I successfully passed the Chicken Challenge! Even though I am under contract with DirecTV for the next 18 months I called them because they sent me a notice that my NFL Sunday ticket was going to renew for 39.99/month for 6 months for a total of $249.94. I told them I wanted to cancel and they came back with a slight discount, I said that was not enough and that my package itself was too expensive. They came back with another slight discount, I then said that's not enough, and please tell me when my contract end date is up because I will not be renewing with DirecTV.

After that they came back onto the phone and offered me Sunday Ticket for free as well as $25 off a month on my main TV package for 12 months. This takes my monthly bill from 100/month to 75/month. All without extending my current 18 month contract. Total savings of over $549.94 even though I was locked into a contract!

TL:DR (You can successfully lower your TV package price with a satellite provider even while under contract)


Tyler G

I've been thinking about ""à la carte cable"" and the realities if we actually achieved it.

1. We would be paying a LOT more for the cable channels we want. Brian has made that point before, but I think we'd be paying double or triple what we pay now. Here's an interesting ""what-if"" from Ben Thompson's stratechery blog:

How many of us would be willing to pay $20-$30/month for AMC?

2. I think it would be the death of niche channels. You or I may not like them, but people do watch Lifetime, CN, Science, Speed, DIY, BBC America, etc. If it costs $10/month each to add them, how many channels would get enough subscribers to survive?

3. Discoverability: it would be more difficult to ""check out"" a show you hear great reviews of if you don't already subscribe to the channel.

Interested to hear your thoughts. Love the show, you guys do a great job every week.


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