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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 134:

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I've been a cord-cutter for over five years now. The last time I had cable/HBO was when shows like The Sopranos, Rome & Deadwood were on the air. I've learned to wait a year (for Blu-ray release) to watch HBO shows like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire; and I stay current with other shows via Season Pass subscriptions on Amazon Instant Video. $2.99/episode for the six shows I do like and I’m still coming out ahead what I would've paid for cable.

This year the FX network began inserting advertisements into the Season 4 episodes of Archer. 15 second promos of other FX shows like The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that run pre-show and 60 second promos of other FX shows like The Americans and Justified that run post-show. After buying on-demand episodes for over five years, this is the first I’ve had to deal with commercials in episodic content that I’ve paid for. And it’s the exact same annoying pre-show ads for every episode. It was enough to dissuade me from ever considering watching Philadelphia and The League.

I’m concerned this may start a disturbing trend that other content providers will follow. $2.99/episode *should* free the consumers from commercial pitches. And I would hate to see the same inserted ads once Archer S4 migrates to Netflix.

P.S. I should’ve emailed you on this in January when Archer premiered; figured it was just me being annoyed. But if you check out Archer’s S4 page on Amazon Instant Video- you’ll see how grossly unpopular this is.

Love the show. Keep doing what you're doing

Saturn Oklahoma City, OK

Just wanted to make sure you guys heard about John and Hank Green's (VlogBrothers) new idea to make their educational YouTube videos financially sustainable:

Here's the video with more information:

I hope things like this start to take off, as it is clear that the advertising model will not work for many types of content.



I called my cable company today to try and negotiate a lower rate. For years I have known the call-to-cancel trick for getting better prices, but not why cable tv packages were so important to them.

My 12 month reduced rate just ended leaving me with an $83 bill for basic cable and 50Mbps internet. I called their support to reduce my service starting with the cable TV I don't use. We started discussing rates for lower speed internet soon after when I noticed ... I wasn't getting the usual resistance to my requests. The rep was dead flat in tone and ready to help me change my service however I liked.

The rep warned at 3Mbps for $39/mo I might not be able to stream Netflix very well or even at all. Knowing better I told him my cell service could stream it ok and that perhaps cancelling completely would be better. To my surprise, he was ready to go and asked for a cancellation date. I backed off a bit and asked for the lowest speed internet until I could confirm with my wife the best date to cancel.

Minutes passed before he finally came back with an offer of $49/mo for 6 months, keeping everything I had.

Trying to negotiate a lower price is a little scary when you are talking cancellation. I went in ready to live with the consequences, I stuck with it and lowered my bill to even less than my last discount. The subscriber numbers really do matter to them, your bravery will pay off in the end if you play dumb keep playing chicken.

Clearly cable companies (like comcast) are learning how to hide what they want, to keep you from getting a good deal. Good luck to everyone else.

Thanks for helping us all save so much money.

Rowskey Paul Meyer

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Been a long time viewer of the show and appreciate all the information you give. I took the Chicken Challenge and contacted Suddenlink about canceling my cable. They wanted to know why I was canceling and kept to my story of I only watch items online. They ended up giving an offer that was $37 a month cheaper and with more channels. I went ahead and accepted the offer.

Not as much as other have done, but the challenge did work.



I took the chicken challenge with Directv. I've been with them since 95 and I upgraded my equipment about 6 months ago. So I have a year and a half left on my agreement. Called them up today said cancel twice to the voice prompt (gets you to retention). The lady ask how she could help me today, I said I would like to know what it would cost me to cancel service. She ask me why? Told her I was cutting the cord. She told me she would check and before even telling me what it would cost she came back with this offer. Free Sunday with max ($300 value) $20 off for 12 months $15 off for 15 months $10 off for 12 months $3 off for 3 months (whole home dvr service) 4 months of showtime free

I was paying about $90 a month. My bill was cut in half:) Love the show. Thanks


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