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Frame Rate
Episode 136


Frame Rate 136:


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Don't know if you saw this, but you can get NFL Sunday ticket streaming (great for cord cutters) for $100 with this offer and you also get the new Madden game. If you don't want the game, sell it and NFL streaming is even cheaper. It says no subscription to Directv is required in the FAQ.

I have been watching Under the Dome, looking forward to the book being represented in a 13 episode mini-series.

I have heard that they announced a season two for Under the Dome, and I am not sure that this makes me happy.

It seems that they will have to really stretch out the book or keep making story changes just to keep it alive.

Do you two have any feelings on this.

I am one that read the book first, as I read it when it first came out.


Mike in NC

Frame Rate Chicken Challenge Community on G+

I’m from Montreal. I cut the cord in 2003!!! That same year I also cut my phone at home for obvious reason for a then bachelor. I was a party go-er, a-never-home-r and disliked the shows pushed here in Canadia in general…

Born and raised in the radio / music world, TV had an fair appeal but meh… - remember back then “realicheese” shows were everywhere! The only way to reach different content – sometimes on the fringe of things - was to hop on the interwebs locomotive/wagon.

Since 2003, YouTube came up, Vimeo, TwiT got waaaaay bigger et cetera et cetera… [and a wee lil’ thing called] There are tons of choices of what people call NetCasts out there. Adding podcasts & video podcast to the equation and boy o’ boy I was set!!!

Like any other man I love my footie & my football. But a man had to make a choice. Slowly erasing sports entertainment out of my life and saving gazillions of $$ was worth it. Once I realized I was addicted, I slowly worked on it and I am clean now! Hehe

Even if the ISP here in Canadia are greedy mutha efflers, it was still cheaper to have the biggest and fastest interwebs access than cable + weak/slow interwebs package.

There is no better feeling than picking MY content wherever & whenever I WANT! #freedom


Thanks for the great work on the show! The show is easily my favorite show on the TWIT network.

Last Friday I called Time Warner Cable will full intention to cancel cable. The customer support representative didn't not make any offers to get me to stay and I didn't ask for any. She was pleasant to deal with. My bill is now set to go down from $148 to $52.

Monday following I received a call from customer loyalty. They wanted me to stay with Time Warner Cable and offered me Basic cable (ch1-18, mostly OTA channels) and upgraded Internet. From 15mb/2mb to 20mb/3mb. New price now $47 a month.

I wanted to turn it down for spite because now they can count me as a subscription and get carriage fees from the networks but upgraded Internet for a few bucks less is a deal hard to ignore. I took the deal and I am now writing this email while waiting in line to return my 2 cable cards, 2 tuning adapters, and cable box.

Thanks for the show it has been a huge help in my efforts to cut the cord.


Hey guys I the cord with ATT uverse about a year ago. When I called to cancel they didnt do anything to try to keep me. I set up my huge OTA antenna on a 12ft pole on my roof, bought a channel master and never looked back. I signed up with cox cable internet only and just last month they called me up and told me that they were ""having a special"" on my street (theres only about 10 homes on my street) where they would offer me a very basic cable package of about 30 channels for free for ONE Year. No cable box rental or anything. I just plug in the coax and I get all my network channels, even espn 2 and others. The network channels are up-scaled to HD when I plug it into my channel master as well. I'm guessing they're just trying to get their subscription numbers up so they can charge higher carriage fees to the networks. Win Win for both of us.

I know for a fact that the channels were blocked before. I switched to cox because i was hoping I would be getting some free unblocked channels but I only got a fuzzy CNBC and maybe 2 other crap channels.

SnakeyDave, San Diego

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