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Frame Rate
Episode 141


Frame Rate 141:

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While airplay is theoretically unrestricted, there are drawbacks. For example, Vudu doesn't stream HD versions of some video to iOS devices because some studios fear how airplay competes with other HD services, and possibly allows piracy over wifi. So the unrestricted nature of airplay ruins the video streaming experience even when airplay isn't being used. Because chromecast has DRM built in, studios may not fear it the same way.


Fraser Cain needs to be a regular co-host of Framerate. Such an awesome episode.

That is all.


Love the show. I think that you've skipped over a HUGE part of the viewing experience that could be opened by these next Gen consoles.

The Xbox One and the PS4 are all running on PC spec hardware. No more Cell or PowerPC processors which took whole teams to write code for. These devs will be writing code for 8core x86 AMD processors with AMD graphics cards which is what you will get in a normal gaming computer. This is a HUGE step forward for a unified experience.

Possibility #1) imagine running XBMC on a console as an app. It will have the blu-ray drive built in, access to your whole media library, all the online content you could want *netflix, hulu, & Zune store movie rentals!*, PLUS the cable tv pass through. Also include the App system already in place that the Xbox has or PSN and you have what Tivo, google tv, Apple TV, Roku, and every other wanna-be all-in-one solution has tried and failed to do.

Then you could take all of that, using your xbox live account and transfer it to your laptop or desktop since it's all compatible code *xbox runs a version of windows 8 for it's backbone*. No matter where you are, you can get your games, music, movies, and content by logging in. Think of Steam but for EVERYTHING, not just games.

The simple fact that the coding is finally all the same across all platforms also means that things will finally be how we have wanted and tried so hard to do: have one box do everything we want.

Who ever does this the best, will win the console wars. Xbox 360 won because of it.

keep up the great work,


Austin, Tx

Chromecast is like a remote for your TV

Airplay is like your set top box.

Keep up the show, you guys have saved me over £80 a month. My cable is fly cut, and we have no live TV what so ever. We use roku, Xbox, ps3, tables and pc's us phones.

I always planned on dropping Sky TV once fiber arrived, it did at Xmas 2012, and the family and I don't miss anything. It's a good job we have unlimited data as so far this month we are at 450.29gb over are 80/20 connection.

Love the show, watch since no#1

Stephen B. UK

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